Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro ToroCigar Info

debuted the at IPCPR 2019. comes in two different blends Natural and . Family patriarch Luis Cuevas Sr. originally introduced the Cuevas Reserva back in the early 2000’s but was limited until now.

This cigar was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of at least 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers' scores with outliers removed.

The Cuevas Reserva uses a Mexican San Andres wrapper, Pilloto Cubano binder from the , and fillers from the and Nicaragua (ometepe). The version is the personal favorite of Luis Cuevas Sr. and is described as a full-flavor and medium-bodied cigar. All boxes come in boxes of 20 cigars and in three different viotlas: 6X50 $10.90, 61/4 X 52 Torpedo $11.40, 5×52 Robusto $10.50.

Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro ToroVital Stats:

Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 50
Country of Origin:
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Filler: , Nicaraguan
Factory: Tabacalera Las Lavas S.R.L.
Blender: Luis Cuevas Sr.
Number of reviewers: 4 John A. (Bostoneo) Mickey T. (irratebass) Ryan H. (Ryan H.) Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)
Price: $10.90
Age: 4 Months
Release Date: August 2019
Contributed by: Cigars

Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro ToroInitial Impressions

Appearance: 90

“This is a slightly rough looking cigar with a splotchy brown wrapper, heavy veins, and visible seams. The cap is slightly crooked but tight and the foot is just a bit crookedly cut. ” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Aroma: 93

“From the foot scents of delicate spice and must ate hidden and are difficult to tease out. The cold draw reveals similar flavors with an added sweet sugar cinnamon mixture. ” –John A. (Bostoneo)

First Third

Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro Toro

Blind Cigar Review: | Reserva

Flavor: 91
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“Room note of rich aged tobacco. Black pepper spice along with dark chocolate and hints of bread. Cigar is medium plus.” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

“The initial puffs of this sample were mild on my palate yet full of woody and spicy leather flavor. The spice is not hot like pepper, but more savory. Through the nose the smoke is completely different and packs quite a pepper blast. It’s an interesting twist to what is a mild cigar on my palate.” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Second Third

Flavor: 93
Strength: Medium-Strong
Body/Complexity: Medium-Full

“The second portion of this cigar has increased dramatically in strength while maintaining much of the same flavor profile as

Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro Toro

Blind Cigar Review: | Reserva

the first third. The most significant flavor transition is a shift from savory spice to black pepper both on the palate and increasing through the nose.” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

“Just took a draw and said “Mmmmm” out loud. This cigar just went from a good cigar to a very good cigar. Now after all that praise there really isn’t any flavor change, but this cigar just has a really nice creamy profile that hits my palate in the right way. This would pair wonderfully with coffee. ” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

Final Third

Flavor: 91
Strength: Medium-Strong
Body/Complexity: Full

“The last third amps up strength and body to full. Dark roasted coffee beans, black pepper, oak and licorice even come through. As i near the end, heavy flavors of black licorice and charred oak are ever present. ” –John A. (Bostoneo)

“Cigar gains strength to nearly full. Profile thinkers very powerful and dark. Still the same profile just thicker darker and more flavorful. I thought the first and second third were good but, this last third is definitely the sweet spot in this cigar.” –Ryan H.

Blind Cigar Review: Casa Cuevas | Reserva Maduro Toro

Blind Cigar Review: | Reserva

(Ryan H.)

Overall Impressions

Draw: 93

“Just a tad of resistance, which is how I like it.” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

Burn: 95

“As my photos show, the burn was quite nice on this sample…I did choose to do one touch up in the final third but it was really just personal preference. ” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Construction: 94

“Another close to perfect on the construction. There was plenty of ash that had tiger stripes in it that fell off in 1 inch chunks. Plenty of smoke, and cigar burned cool. Only one complaint, and it’s a small one, but I did get some tar seepage, but I re-cut and all was good in the world yet again.” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

Overall Strength: Medium-Strong
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium-Full
Experience Overall: 93

“Overall this was a steady and flavorful cigar with a multitude of flavors and complexity. The first two thirds were my favorite with a great medium bodied experience of a classic medium full cigar. The last third was a bit to full in your face of string bold flavors, however i am sure that will appeal to some smokers indeed. A quality smoke that hopefully wont hit your wallet to hard!” –John A. (Bostoneo)

“This was a really nice cigar. It was mild to medium in strength with plenty of cream, tea, baking spice, coffee and wood. Curious to see what this was. ” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

“A very good cigar clearly box worthy. I could smoke this cigar daily” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

“This was really a pretty good cigar. The flavors were fluid and the intensity changes through the smoke which kept me interested. I could easily smoke more of these. ” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Smoking Time (in minutes): 99

John A.929295959295959595
Mickey T.888888909097979790
Ryan H.889292929090939392
Jason H.929790929590959092
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Blind Cigar Review: | Reserva

Overall Score – 92 – Great

  • Appearance 90% 90%
  • Aroma 93% 93%
  • First Third 91% 91%
  • Second Third 93% 93%
  • Final Third 91% 91%
  • Draw 93% 93%
  • Burn 95% 95%
  • Construction 94% 94%
  • Overall Experience 93% 93%