Camacho Liberty 2021 - Blind Cigar Review

Camacho Liberty 2021 – Blind Cigar Review

Cigar Info

Last month, Camacho announced the 19th release of the Liberty Series, Camacho Liberty 2021. This annual release is commemorative of the 4th of July. The blend goes through some extra fermentation and aging to marry the multi-country blend.

This cigar was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of at least 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers' scores with outliers removed. All of our cigars reviewed are shipped to the panelists with Boveda packs to ensure optimal smoking experience.

Most years the cigar features a new blend and different size, this year’s Liberty is a Churchill that measures 7 x 48. The blend uses and Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican & Honduran fillers. Only 2,550 boxes were created.

Vital Stats:

Vitola: Churchill
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 48
Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican & Honduran
Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A.
Blender: Undisclosed
Number of reviewers: 5 Alan (Eulogy) John A. (Bostoneo) Ryan H. (Ryan H.) Mickey T. (irratebass) Doug S. (Unpossible_1)
Price: $20.00
Age: 1 Month
Release Date: July 2021
Contributed by: Davidoff

Camacho Liberty 2021 - Blind Cigar Review

Initial Impressions – Camacho Liberty 2021

Appearance: 88

“Churchill in size, this cigar adorns a beautiful chestnut brown wrapper with a great appearance. Very few medium or larger veins exist with invisible seems makes for an attractive sample.” –John A. (Bostoneo)

Aroma: 88

“The predraw has a nice fresh cut pine flavor. I’m getting mostly barnyard, sweet tobacco, and hay note from the foot and wrapper.” –Alan (Eulogy)

First Third

Flavor: 87
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“This sample starts out very smooth in the initial light up with loads of creamy peppery flavors without any big bold harshness that cigars sometimes begin as. As we move on from the initial “burn in”, the flavors asserted become much more melodic as leather and cream seem to be the main players here, while the pepper gently fades away with class. Being on the lighter side of medium, this cigar very much satisfied my taste for something in this spectrum with an interesting end of third note with some light pine notes.” –John A. (Bostoneo)

“First thoughts are coffee and sweet notes of bread or more rather a biscotti. Nice and mellow without a bunch of punch to it. ” –Doug S. (Unpossible_1)

Second Third

Flavor: 87
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“Cigar has lost quite a bit of strength. Honey is still detectable but not near what it was before. Wood has disappeared traded for earth and leather with a dirty ashy aftertaste. Still a plenty enjoyable profile just some unbalanced unwanted notes that don’t blend well with the rest of the profile.” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

“Choking sensation has subsided for now. I’m picking up a sweetness mixed with cream flavors with every puff on the retro which is pleasant surprise. This cigar has completely changed it’s profile on me. ” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

Final Third

Flavor: 85
Strength: Medium-Strong
Body/Complexity: Medium

“The strength has picked up quite a bit for this final third and has been ramping up slowly since the start. Flavors have been very steady since the beginning with similar notes of ginger snaps, oak, leather, buttercream, and hay. The retrohale is also the same with citrus and cola. ” –Alan (Eulogy)

“The final third. A very potent medium bodied cigar starts with this section but then completely falls off the rails and ramps down in strength while the profile becoming quite flat without much distinguishable flavors until the last two inches where it has to be put down.” –John A. (Bostoneo)

Overall Impressions – Camacho Liberty 2021

Draw: 93

“This draw was so nice I wish all cigars drew like this one.” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

Burn: 84

“Burn was fair I was constantly touching it up. It didn’t go out, but I was correcting the wavy burn here and there. ” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

Construction: 86

“This cigar appeared to be constructed well with the draw being good, however the burn was often wavy.” –John A. (Bostoneo)

Overall Strength: Medium-Strong
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium
Experience Overall: 86

“Other than a few soft spots due to two under filled spots it was fantastic. Loved the flavors and smoke output. The citrus note on the retrohale was refreshing and the consistent increase in strength kept it engaging. I would smoke this again and plan on picking up some for the humidor.” –Alan (Eulogy)

“Overall, this was a great mellow medium bodied cigar for the most part. Towards the end the flavors got a bit juggled up and became indistinguishable, however with a shorter size, I think this cigar would shine in a robusto or toro format.” –John A. (Bostoneo)

“The flavors were plenty good, just a few unwanted notes that didn’t go well with the rest of the profile. Draw was great, construction on the other hand and burn suffered greatly. Depending on price point I would smoke again.” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

“I would not seek this cigar out. There were moments of nice sweetness and cream, but overall this cigar was just not for me.” –Mickey T. (irratebass)

“When I spend a couple hours smoking the same cigar, I won’t lie: I have certain expectations of it and this one kind of let me down. It wasn’t horrible tasting, poorly made, or anything like that. It was just simple. I suppose if you’re hanging out with some friends and having coffee and a cigar, this might just be ideal. Me, that isn’t something I typically do together so it just didn’t sit well with me. I’d be curious to try it in a smaller format though, with a morning cup of coffee, as that is something I do from time to time.” –Doug S. (Unpossible_1)

Smoking Time (in minutes): 110

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Camacho Liberty 2021 – Blind Cigar Review

Camacho Liberty 2021
"The flavors were plenty good, just a few unwanted notes that didn't go well with the rest of the profile. Draw was great, construction on the other hand and burn suffered greatly. Depending on price point I would smoke again." -Ryan H. (Ryan H.)
First Third
Second Third
Final Third
Overall Experience