Plasencia Announces Cosecha 149 - Cigar News

Plasencia Announces Cosecha 149 – Cigar News

Cigars debuted the at the 2021 trade show this week. The word “Cosecha” translates to “harvest,” and in this case is a reference to the harvest of tobacco used in this blend. contains tobacco from the 149th Family harvest, which happened in 2014. The tobacco has been fermenting and aging ever since, until it made its way into this particular cigar.

is a Honduran puro using tobacco from the family's Honduran farms. The blend is described as medium to full bodied. It comes in boxes of 10 and comes in three different sizes: Santa Fe: a Gordito 4.75 X 60. MSRP $12.00, La Vega: a 5 X 52. MSRP $13.00, and Azuacualpa: a Toro 6 X 52 MSRP $14.50.

We are so excited to present the at this year's . Honduran tobacco is incredibly unique. We felt strongly that to commemorate our 149th harvest the cigar needed to set itself apart. We look forward to sharing this blend with the smoking public.

Cigars CEO Nestor Andres