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Category: Rodrigo

Blind Cigar Review: Rodrigo | Corona Project Vol. 1 Limitada

“This cigar was a truly enjoyable experience. From the initial aromas to the flavor profile, hands down, this was a well made, well constructed and well thought out cigar. For all ranges of cigar smokers, this cigar will appease to all the senses that create a magnificent experience. I highly recommend picking a few of these up if you can.” -Steve (ThaGreatWazoo)

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Blind Cigar Review: Rodrigo | La Fortaleza Forte

“This is a big after dinner flavor bomb/smoke bomb. I dug it and I’d definitely smoke it again. I’d recommend it to anyone that likes medium full to full body and rich flavorful smoke. I think I may have a couple five packs resting in the tupperdor. Now I can’t wait to try them.” -Brian (B-daddy)

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