Cigar Dojo Adds Virtual Camp Camacho to Dojoverse - Cigar News

Cigar Dojo Adds Virtual Camp Camacho to Dojoverse – Cigar News

Today, Cigar Dojo has launched a new corner of the Dojoverse, their social network platform for cigar smokers – Camp Camacho. Fans of the Camacho brand can earn bold badges and shields by completing challenges and connect with the a community of like-minded fans. This collaboration aims to bring the bold intensity and unconventional craftsmanship found at their Camp Camacho factory trip in a virtual and online form. In additional to moving through the ranks, participants will earn a place on the Camp Camacho and a select few will embark on the biggest challenge of all, initiation into the “Board of the Bold.”

Camp Camacho will connect fans to to the craftsmen and ambassadors that make up Camp Camacho, as well as Camacho retailers. Some of the best retailers around the country have been designated Camacho Outposts, and their retail stores and events will be promoted within Camp Camacho. Participants can earn points as they check-in to Camacho Outposts and attend events at these designated brick-and-mortar locations.

Cigar Dojo Adds Virtual Camp Camacho to Dojoverse - Cigar News

We are thrilled to work in collaboration with Cigar Dojo to bring the Camp Camacho experience to life on a bigger scale for our fans to experience. When Camacho thrill-seekers journey to our Camp in Honduras they embark on a quest of exhilarating adventure, developing a strong connection with the Camacho community. Our team has worked together to best immerse Camacho enthusiasts into a similar experience that we hope everyone will enjoy.

Lana Fraser, Davidoff Head of Marketing and Retail

The Dojoverse just got a lot more bold. The Camp Camacho social platform, which is located within the Dojoverse, is an exciting new feature that adds more ways to explore and enjoy the Camacho brand for our community and beyond.”

Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo

Join Camp Camacho at, or through your existing Dojoverse account. You can find out more info about the Camp Camacho badges and shields here.