Cigar News: 1502 Leaves Boutiques Unified

Cigar News: 1502 Leaves Boutiques Unified

Cigar News: 1502 Leaves Boutiques Unified Global Premium Cigars, the business behind 1502 Cigars, has ended its distribution arrangement with Boutiques Unified.

“The friends I’ve made in the Boutiques Unified will last a lifetime. It’s not just a slogan, it really is a family culture that has developed between us. While I take my next step, I feel lucky to have those relationships with me.” said Global Premium Cigars/1502 Cigars owner Enrique Sanchez.

1502 Cigars will now be distributed by “Island” Jim Robison of 3R Cigars. The distribution change goes into effect April 24, 2017. Global Premium Cigars started its distribution arrangement with Boutiques Unified’s predecessor, House of Emilio, in September 2012. Outside of the Emilio brand name, it was the earliest distribution arrangement the company had. The split between Global Premium Cigars as well as Boutiques Unified ends over a 4 1/2 year partnership between the companies. It was in September 2012 when Sanchez’s company entered into an agreement with House of Emilio, the previous name of Boutiques Unified.

“Enrique Sanchez owner of 1502 Cigars is a great person and a great cigar maker,” said Scott Zucca, owner of Boutiques Unified. “He felt the time has come for him to leave the nest and pursue his vision for his brand. He’s a gentleman and I’m proud to call him friend. I know he will continue to do amazing things in this industry.”

In the same announcement, Boutiques Unified says that it is going through an innovation initiative, though it really did not define what exactly that means. Meanwhile Boutiques Unified says it is implementing what it terms a restructure as well as modernization initiative. “Our goal has always been to utilize the latest technology to serve our retail partners well; to deliver great cigars as efficiently as possible. With the FDA regulations pending, all companies must do everything they can to maximize business. We are excited about the new systems we’ve put together and look forward to fully implementing them very soon.” commented Zucca.

Boutiques Unified’s portfolio currently consists of Black Label Trading Co., Emilio, Ezra Zion as well as Nomad Cigar Co. The departure of Global Premium Cigars leaves Ezra Zion Cigar Company, Nomad Cigar Company, Black Label Trading Company/ Black Works Studio, and also Emilio Cigars as the staying brands of Boutiques Unified which back in 2014 reached an optimal of 9 firms in its distribution arm.

Jim Robinson is best known for his distribution of the Leaf by Oscar cigars, but already has a connection with Sanchez. Robinson has actually partnered with Sanchez in his suit he filed versus the FDA this previous June.“Stay tuned. In spite of the FDA, we know our best days are still to come. We will continue to grow bigger and better than ever before.” added Zucca.