(Miami, Florida) January 14, 2016— Cigars announces that Enrique “Ricky” Somoza will now oversee operations in the U.S. Ricky has relocated to Miami from Estelí, , where he was production manager at the Tabacalera Cigars de Factory , since 2013.

Cigar News: A.J. Fernandez Cigars Promotes Enrique "Ricky" Somoza to U.S. Director of Operations

Cigar News: Cigars Promotes Enrique “Ricky” Somoza to U.S. Director of Operations

Ricky Somoza, born and raised in Miami, attended Florida International University with a focus in Political Science, and eventually turned his sights on his family’s passion, tobacco. After meeting on a trip to , they became fast friends, and Ricky soon was behind the scenes working side by side with A.J. as his production manager.

said, “Ricky Somoza is not only an integral part of the company but is part of the Fernandez family. Ricky has the passion, dedication, and expertise to carry on my vision for the future of the company. He will work alongside my sister Yarai Fernandez and other key family members to further solidify and strengthen our distribution in the U.S.”

Ricky Somoza stated: “I am excited and look forward to the challenge of representing the brand in the U.S. It has been an honor to work alongside A.J. whom I consider a true master blender, my mentor, and best friend. Our goal for this New Year is to improve consumer satisfaction, while continuing to produce and distribute the finest premium cigars. I look forward to working with AJ on new, innovative projects which will excite cigar aficionados in the U.S. and international markets.”

About Cigars:

Cigars is based on the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy. now produces unparalleled, hand-rolled cigars in Estelí, which have garnered numerous top ratings and acclaim from cigar publications and consumers alike. Today continues the family tradition as he oversees production and manages day to day operations in his factory in Estelí.

For more information please visit their new website: www.AJFernandezCigars.com