Cigar News: Arturo Fuente to Offer Exclusive Cigars for PCA AttendeesCarlito Fuente announced today in a press release that Arturo Fuente would offer two sets of previously unreleased cigars to retailers that attend the 2020 PCA trade show. This is a move meant to support the PCA and a response to the recent exodus of large cigar makers.

The cigars will come in two sets. The first set contains four previously unreleased cigars: Hemingway Short Story Rosado, Hemingway Work of Art Rosado, Hemingway Siganture Rosado, and Hemingway Carlito’s Way Rosado. The second set of exclusive cigars will contain very rare sizes of OpusX ForbiddenX Cigars. Those sizes have not been specified yet but details will come later on.