Cigar News: Camacho Re-Releases Diploma

Cigar News: Camacho Re-Releases Diploma


PINELLAS PARK, FL (FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2017) –– Camacho, the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, is proud to announce the relaunch of the original Camacho Diploma. Bold from the ground up, the Camacho Diploma Special Selection is a full live loud experience of unparalleled flavor and intensity.

Cigar News: Camacho Re-Releases DiplomaPresented in a 5” x 54 Robusto format and built with hand-selected high priming Original Corojo tobaccos, under the most rigorous supervision, the Camacho Diploma blend has been brought back for aficionados who demand a unique, intense and flavorful smoke. As the boldest of the bold, the Camacho Diploma delivers an unrivaled experience for even the most veteran palates, offering a never-ending exhibition of unique flavors and layered complexity. Intense notes of leather, coffee and pepper are flawlessly complemented with rich blasts of cedar and sweet cocoa. The superior construction and impeccable quality of this special release derives from utilizing only the “best of the best” Original Corojo leaves which have been expertly rolled by the 5 most experienced pairs of rollers at the Camacho factory.

Cigar News: Camacho Re-Releases DiplomaOnce rolled, these high-octane special release cigars are left to rest a full year before making their way to you. Due to the superior quality of tobaccos needed for blending, the Camacho Diploma Special Selection will only be offered once a year, in very limited quantities – only 1,800 boxes are available for the 2017 release. “The original Camacho Diploma was for many years the most heralded cigar coming out of our factory in Honduras. A cigar where no compromise is made on the quality of construction and on the tobaccos, each high priming leaf is hand-selected by our supervisors and each cigar rolled by our top 5 pairs. After many years, we are excited to be able to resurrect this special cigar and share it once again with aficionados across the globe. The Diploma showcases the ‘best of the best’ from our crops of Original Corojo tobacco” states Dylan Austin, Vice President of Marketing at Davidoff of Geneva USA.

Cigar News: Camacho Re-Releases DiplomaCIGAR INFORMATION:

  • Format: Special RobustoLength: 5” Ring Guage: 54
  • Wrapper: Original Corojo (Honduras)
  • Binder: Original Corojo (Honduras)
  • Filler: Original Corojo (Honduras)
    SRP: $20.00 (Single cigar) | $360.00 (Box of 18 cigars)
  • Production: 1,800 boxes of 18 cigars


The new Camacho Diploma Special Selection Robusto will launch in the US on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. The limited production of 1,800 boxes will only be made available in November and December 2017. These special release cigars are produced at the new Camacho facility located on the outskirts of Danli, Honduras.


Camacho is the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, representing the concept of unleashing unmistakable and intense experiences. Infamous since 1962, the brand has become a sanctuary for the powerful, elemental being who seeks to fill their lives with unapologetic good times. A combination of rich heritage, product excellence and a never surrender attitude has enabled Camacho to grow into a brand globally recognized as the standard of full-frontal flavor and full-frontal lifestyle. For more information about Camacho, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.