Cigar News: Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley Announce Uru Doshi and Alec & Bradley have announced , a limited cigar that will only be available on leap year. This is the first collaboration between and Alec & Bradley. Alec and Bradley is the company started by the sons of cigar maker Alan Rubin, Alec and Bradley Rubin.

Cigar News: Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley Announce Uru Doshi will only be available every four years, on leap year (February 29th). The next occurrence happens to be February 29th, 2020. “” is the Japanese translation of “leap year” in keeping with the Dojo’s Asian influence. The cigar features traditional Japanese artwork while the blend is a Honduran puro using tobacco not previous used by Alec & Bradley or .

Cigar News: Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley Announce Uru DoshiEric Guttormson, owner of , said, “While the concept of this cigar (being released on Leap Day) is super cool, what I am most
excited about is the cigar itself. Alec & Bradley brought out some unique tobacco for this blend that the Dojo team really fell in love with.”

is Alec & Bradley’s most unique cigar to date,” said Bradley Rubin, co-founder of Alec & Bradley. “That’s why we wanted to
release it with on Leap Year; giving their fans a special cigar that they can enjoy on a day that happens only once every four

is rolled at the Raíces Cubanas factory, in Danlí, where many of the Alec & Bradley and cigars are made. The blend is described as full-flavored and different from many of the cigars rolled at Raíces Cubanas. It comes in soft bundles of 10 and only in one size, a toro. Only 300 bundles will be sold next year and will be exclusive at Smoke Inn Cigars. Cigars go on sale February 20, 2020. Pricing has not been announced.

“I’m honored to have worked with my brother, Bradley and the crew on . This is a cigar that we are proud to put the Alec & Bradley name on and one that will speak to the community,” noted Alec Rubin, co-founder of Alec & Bradley.