Cigar News: Drew Estate Ships 2020 Dojo Dogma Maduro and ShadyXX has started shipping two of their limited edition cigars: Undercrown and Undercrown to Drew Diplomat Retailers nationwide. announced the 2020 versions of these lines earlier this year as part of the #DESummerTakeover campaign and shown off on Freestyle Live: Special Edition.

Both cigars share a blend that is similar to the Undercrown Corona Viva using a Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper, Connecticut Stalk Cut Habano binder and Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler tobaccos.

Cigar News: Drew Estate Ships 2020 Dojo Dogma Maduro and ShadyXXJonathan Drew president and founder of says, “Both Eminem and were quintessential underdogs. Everyone laughed at the two of us, claiming that we didn’t have a chance, that we didn’t fit the mold, and that we didn’t belong. Well … of course the story reads on and ya’ll know how it ends up … both underdogs rise above to break the mold and become legends. The Shady Series celebrates the torcedors in Nicaragua for their contribution to the world of cigars … determination, raw talent, and natural bad-ass-ness … as they birthed the prince of a cigar brand that we call Undercrown. Oh, and in regard to the Dojo Dogma … well that shit’s just straight fire … Nuff said !!”

The is a 5 x 50 box-pressed that comes in gold embossed 10-count petacas. Each sells for $104.00.

The is a 6 x 56 box-pressed toro that comes in a 10-count box that shows the 2020 year. MSRP for Undercrown is $107.87 per box.