Cigar News: Edgar Hoill to Attend TAA Meeting

Cigar News: to Attend TAA Meeting


February 22, 2016 –  will be present at TAA

Miami, FL – will be present at TAA in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this year and along with them will be . Edgar will not have to be too far from home to be present, since his recent move back to Mexico to be closer to his family. “I love Southern California, but Mexico is home. All my family is there and I am really grateful to have more time to spend with them now” says Edgar.

Edgar had taken some time off of traveling in the cigar industry due to previous commitments with book signings but this year his main focus and dedication will be for his brand and cigars. He is currently looking to do a lot more retail events and be present for all of them. People will have a chance to meet the Mexican artist and learn about his journey and his cigars. Although there will not be any new releases for the or lines during TAA, Edgar will be featuring all of the EH, Everyday Hustle, , and OG lines.

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