Cigar News: El Artista Gets Distribution in Austria Cigars has announced that its cigars will now be for sale in . This comes about as part of a partnership with Dios Tobaco located in Wiener Neustadt. is the seventh country in Europe to gain distribution. The three brands that will be available are: Cimarron, Big Papi by David Ortiz, and Buffalo Ten.

Cigar News: El Artista Gets Distribution in AustriaRam Rodriguez, President of Cigars says, “Despite the challenges of the first half of the year we have continued to sell and develop long-lasting relationships, albeit long-distance relationship style, and Dios Tobaco is evidence of our continued commitment to grow in Europe”.

Cigar News: El Artista Gets Distribution in Austria Cigars has distributed with Dios Tobaco previously. “We have known each other for a long time now, they know our quality, how we do business, and we have come to respect one another. I am proud to have Dios Tobaco as our exclusive distributor in ,” says Rodriguez.

Contest: Win a David Ortiz Autographed Box of Big Papi CigarsAccording to Johaan Gallee, President of Dios Tabaco “[The Company] was founded in 1999 by Wolfgang and Marlies Held. I bought the Company in 2019 after 20 successful years. I continue in their spirit. I distribute some major brands, boutiques and specialty European Producers. I am always searching for new interesting cigars and brands for our market and I feel Cigars has a good place in our market”.

The first cigars will go on sale in on June 27, 2020. There will be in-store events with Rodriguez that start in 2021.