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Cigar News: Sinistro Announces La Fabrica Series

Sinistro is releasing a new line with multiple blends: La Fabrica. This new series consists of small batches of “forgotten” cigars that have been aging for some time. The cigars are unearthed, tested, and given new names. The concept is similar to the Lost & Found series from Robert Caldwell and Matt Booth.

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Cigar News: El Artista Gets Distribution in Austria

El Artista Cigars has announced that its cigars will now be for sale in Austria. This comes about as part of a partnership with Dios Tobaco located in Wiener Neustadt. Austria is the seventh country in Europe to gain El Artista distribution. The three brands that will be available are: Cimarron, Big Papi by David Ortiz, and Buffalo Ten.

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Blind Cigar Review: El Artista | Big Papi Slugger Score 90%

Blind Cigar Review: El Artista | Big Papi Slugger

“My first impressions were negative due to the size of the cigar. Eliminating my bias towards that was easy once I started smoking the cigar. It really was a pleasant and long experience. This is still not necessarily going to be a first choice smoke for me but I can say it was flavorful enough all the way through to work for a niche smoke at the right time for me. Well constructed and good looking, I’d revisit this cigar again.” -Diana (ArmyRN)

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Blind Cigar Review: El Artista | Cimarron Maduro Toro Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: El Artista | Cimarron Maduro Toro

“This cigar was enjoyable to say the least. Flavors did not develop or transition, however remain consistent and enjoyable throughout. Strength built a touch but that is expected with a ring gauge around 50. I would definitely smoke again and recommend” -Adam B. (Bushboy)

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Cigar News: El Artista Announces Cimarron

El Artista has announced a new line that will debut at the IPCPR trade show this week. There are three versions of the cigar, and only two are going to the USA. The Maduro and Connecticut versions will be making to the USA with the Maduro using a San Andres wrapper and the other a Connecticut Shade. The binder for both is a rare Negrito leaf grown by El Artista on their farms around Tamboril. The fillers are a multiple coulty blend including a T-13 Hybrid developed by Radhames Rodriguez.

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Cigar News: Two New Products in the Big Papi Line from El Artista

El Artista announces new SKUs for retail promotion of Big Papi by David Ortiz cigar brand. The first, titled “Big Slugger” is a baseball bat shaped figurado cigar in a keepsake box with a large display window. Featuring two different wrappers with the familiar Big Papi blend, the cigar can be smoked or displayed. Made in the Dominican Republic, Big Slugger retails for $45.00 and is available as of February 1, 2018. The second is a Big Papi branded cigar humidor that holds up to 50 cigars. The piece is offered in two SKUs, empty (MSRP: $120) and with 20 cigars (MSRP: $330). The humidor is made in the Dominican Republic and is available as of February 1, 2018. “We wanted to produce items that really stand out,” says Radhames Rodriguez, President of El Artista USA. “Anyone can make a hat or lighter in China. This is something special,” says Kevin Newman National Sales Director, “We launched both the Big Slugger and Humidor at Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit with premium cigar retailers!”. 

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