El Artista Rebrands to Artista, Announces New Lines for PCA - Cigar News

El Artista Rebrands to Artista, Announces New Lines for PCA – Cigar News

Artista Cigars, now formerly El Artista Cigars, has announced a full rebranding of the company and new lines for PCA 2022 this week.

The shift from El Artista Cigars to Artista is a natural progression for the company. We are simplifying, modernizing, and moving forward with a bold new initiative. We are so proud of the success we have with individual brands such as Buffalo TEN and Big Papi, and now is the time to have our own brand name. We have created a new Master Brand under which new blends are being introduced this year and more will soon follow.

Ram Rodriguez, President of Artista Cigars

Artista Cigars is now segmenting their existing and new products into 5 sub-brands: ARTISTA (Harvest & Midnight), Rugged Country (Buffalo TEN, Cimarron, FUGLY Cheroots), Factory Classics (Pulita, Puro Ambar, Exactus), David Ortiz (Big Papi, The Slugger), and Artista Studio Works.

The series segmentation strategy helps retailers and consumers see our progression over the last ten years and draws a clear line for the future. The addition of a Master Brand is big step towards a bright future for Artista. Of course, we plan to support our existing Factory Classics & Rugged Country series by continuing to produce these existing lines – they have a huge fan base – in the coming years our focus will be on growing the Artista Series, launching creative projects through Artista Studio Works, and occasional new releases in the David Ortiz Series.

Kevin Newman Vice President at Artista Cigars

The reshaping of the Artista logo and style was led by design firm RED Brand Design in Los Angeles. The Artista Cigars rebrand includes a new logo, all new website, and a redesigned booth produced by Gloval Displays in Miami, all set to debut at PCA 2022 in Las Vegas. “It was fully a team effort,” added Newman, “all year long these amazing teams worked with the Factory to ensure everything goes as planned. We really think people are going to love it”.

Artista Harvest & Midnight

The first cigars in the newly created Artista line are Harvest and Midnight, both debuting at the PCA trade show. The ARTISTA Series represents the factory’s premium and future super-premium blends. Each blend is represented by a moniker and matching color, each are distinct in strength and profile.

For the Artista lines we challenged ourselves to make something different. We spoke with our Factory Team and worked with our Agronomist. We asked them to seek new materials, source often over-looked tobaccos, and asked our best artisans to help us develop something wholly different.

Kevin Newman

Artista Harvest (Yellow-Gold) is a medium bodied blend featuring a Sumatra wrapper, Habano Seco binder, and a proprietary Dominican filler blend The company says it is unlike anything they have ever offered, and has notes of spice, rich honey, bright elderberry, and earthy cashew and almond.

Artista Midnight (Dark Blue) is a full-bodied cigar and that uses a Dark Ecuadorian Habano
wrapper. An Ecuadorian Connecticut shade binder offers sweetness and the filler tobaccos from
Nicaragua, DR, and USA impart deep, rich, earthy notes of coffee, spice, and chestnut with a citrus

The new Artista cigar ring with Harvest Yellow / Midnight Blue accents cover the band and match colors on the cigar box. Artista Harvest & Artista Midnight both come in boxes of 20 and in the same sizes and prices: Box Pressed Robusto 5×54 $10.20, and Box Pressed Toro 6×50 $10.40.

Artista Harvest & Artista Midnight will be on display as prototypes and available for pre-order sales at PCA 2022 in Las Vegas. The Artista Series is available to North American, European, Norwegian, and Swedish retailers starting in the Fall of 2022.

Artista Studio Works Paperboy

Artista Studio Works will show off its first cigar line at PCA this week: Paperboy. Artista Studio Works is a line focused on creative or one-off endeavors. The first items to come out of Artista Studio were humidors and artwork.

Artista Studio Works

Up till now we have used Artista Studio Works to showcase Dominican Artists with cool cigar-inspired artworks and goods such as humidors and wall art. We still plan to do that, however going forward we will also utilize Artista Studio Works as a place to show off our weird side. Artista Studio Works Paperboy is one step in that direction. ASW Paperboy is a newspaper-wrapped bundle of 8 Petite Coronas. The newspaper bundle wrap features wild stories of factory folklore and totally “fake news” stories completely in Spanish.

Radhames Rodriguez

“PaperBoy is a throw-back to a time when we got our news delivered to our doorstep every day, and in some places, twice on Sunday. It’s a brand of nostalgia and it’s fun.

Kevin Newman
El Artista Rebrands to Artista, Announces New Lines for PCA - Cigar News

ASW Paperboy is comes in one size, a 4×44 Petite Corona. There are two wrapper options: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade and San Andres Maduro. Both use the same binder and filler, which have not been disclosed. MSRP is the same for both $24.50 for each 8-CT bundle. ASW Paperboy will be for sale at PCA 2022 in Las Vegas and available to retailers the first week of August 2022.