Cigar News: El Artista Unveils Big Papi Humidor UNVEILS LIMITED EDITION BY DAVID ORTIZ

(Tamboril, DR) – Today released details about a limited edition ‘ by David Ortiz’ . Each is adorned with David Ortiz’s autograph and filled with by David Ortiz cigars, part of the remaining original production run from 2013. “We wanted to memorialize the first batch of cigars David blended,” says Radhames Rodriguez, President of , “so we built eight exquisite 100-count humidors to house the remaining 800 cigars”.

Produced by Zanwill in Dominican Republic, makers of premium goods, it is a high-end display piece. spared no expense; the quality of the is impeccable – it has the fit and finish of a Michel Perrenoud or Bocephus Design . Composed of Spanish cedar and okoume wood, the is painted bright white, embellished with branding, individually signed by Ortiz, then sealed and polished to a high luster piano-style finish. “It looks like work of art. The quality honors ’s legacy; both will live on forever,” says Bob De Goede, Founder of Zanwill.

presented David Ortiz with the first in December 2016 during the closing ceremonies at The David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic in Punta Cana, DR. Additionally, an anonymous bidder won a second during a silent auction at the golf tournament. The anonymous bidder reportedly paid in excess of $5,000.

“We only have six left,” says Jonas Santana, National Sales Manager for Artista, “we want to do something fun with the humidors”. Rodriguez states Artista will use the humidors as part of a national promotional program for retailers in the United States. Artista will give away one at IPCPR in a random drawing. With a retail price of $2,500, and such limited quantity, it is sure to be a must-have for IPCPR 2017. For more information about how to qualify for the program, contact Jonas Santana at 1.800.638.0283.