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Cigar News: Daniel Marshall Announces Exclusive Humidor with Corona Cigar Co.

Daniel Marshall has announced a new Limited Edition FSG Tobacco Stake Humidor in Collaboration with Corona Cigar Co. Only 10 of these one-of-a-kind humidors will be sold. Each is hand-crafted using wood from antique tobacco stakes that have been in use for nearly half a century. The stakes were used to hang cigar tobacco in curing barns in Connecticut and more recently at Jeff Borysiewicz’s Florida Sun Grown (FSG) tobacco farm in Clermont, Florida. These stakes were used to hang leaves of some of the world’s best tobaccos, transforming freshly harvested green tobacco leaf into  fragrant, golden brown cigar tobacco wrapper leaf.

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Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Two New Travel Humidors

Davidoff Cigars has announced two new travel humidors to get ready for the summer season: Outdoor 2020 and Explorer 2020. Davidoff partnered with Italian designer and craftsman Marcello Bottino for his exacting technological design standards. The new humidors use lightweight materials, and have a smart tray designed exclusively for keeping cigars protected. They also use innovative welding techniques of fabrics engineered to lock in humidity. The new Davidoff travel humidors use a 2-way humidity device by Boveda to keep cigars fresh for 45 days. Both will go on sale in April.

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Cigar News: Conocedor | A New Premium Cigar Accessory Company

Storing, cutting, and lighting your cigars can be a simple thing.  But sometimes the simple just isn’t enough.  A new player in the luxury accessory market definitely puts that idea into the products they make.  Conocedor is a company formed from the idea idea to create the most refined cigar cutters in the world. The goal was originally to just make them for personal use, but the idea transitioned into a luxury cigar accessory brand with broad range of cigar accessories. Each is unique, and made with the finest of  craftsmanship and design innovation.

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Cigar News: Two New Products in the Big Papi Line from El Artista

El Artista announces new SKUs for retail promotion of Big Papi by David Ortiz cigar brand. The first, titled “Big Slugger” is a baseball bat shaped figurado cigar in a keepsake box with a large display window. Featuring two different wrappers with the familiar Big Papi blend, the cigar can be smoked or displayed. Made in the Dominican Republic, Big Slugger retails for $45.00 and is available as of February 1, 2018. The second is a Big Papi branded cigar humidor that holds up to 50 cigars. The piece is offered in two SKUs, empty (MSRP: $120) and with 20 cigars (MSRP: $330). The humidor is made in the Dominican Republic and is available as of February 1, 2018. “We wanted to produce items that really stand out,” says Radhames Rodriguez, President of El Artista USA. “Anyone can make a hat or lighter in China. This is something special,” says Kevin Newman National Sales Director, “We launched both the Big Slugger and Humidor at Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit with premium cigar retailers!”. 

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IPCPR 2017 – Daniel Marshall – Blind Man’s Puff

This year happens to be the 35th Anniversary of Daniel Marshall creating his first humidor. As a part of this celebration, he unveiled at the IPCPR trade show his 35th Anniversary Whiskey Humidor, of which there will be only 35 made, that pays homage to the original humidor that he made 35 years ago to go. It comes with 10 specially made cigars that has 3 wrappers that change as you burn down the cigar to match up with specific whiskey pairing from Glenfiddich.

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Cigar News: El Artista Unveils Big Papi Humidor

(Tamboril, DR) – Today Tabacalera El Artista released details about a limited edition ‘Big Papi by David Ortiz’ humidor. Each is adorned with David Ortiz’s autograph and filled with Big Papi by David Ortiz cigars, part of the remaining original production run from 2013. “We wanted to memorialize the first batch of cigars David blended,” says Radhames Rodriguez, President of El Artista Cigars, “so we built eight exquisite 100-count humidors to house the remaining 800 cigars”.

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Accessory Review: Graphic Humidors | Custom

When the humidor arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by its appearance, it looked even better in person than the pictures on the website. The quality of the product is very good. The design is actually fused with the coating, not just a layer underneath, in a seamless layer giving it a very quality look. The main body and lid are solid metal, giving you plenty of protection from jarring and crushing.

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