Cigar News: Ernesto Padilla & Sean Williams Announce DoctrineDoctrine by ( Cigars) & (El Premire Mundo Cigars)

Press Release: For those that love cigars this is a passion that connects us. This is what the cigar culture is about. Our culture isn’t about billionaire big wigs in big rooms smoking big cigars. At its essence, it’s about the everyday hardworking people from different backgrounds, ethnic make-ups, and economic status that all connect through our shared love and passion for cigars. We all come into this culture with our individual codes, biases, and beliefs, but somehow we connect… We connect because it’s not about the beliefs that divide us. It’s about sharing a common passion and celebrating the beliefs that connect us. This is our Doctrine… What do you believe in? -DOCTRINE

Cigar News: & Announce Doctrine