Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones has announces a new line of cigars for it’s brand: . But it’s more than just cigars, it’s a celebration of dominoes, and dice.

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones’s blender/brand ambassador says, “ is about kicking back with your friends with a cold beer in your hand, playing a game, smoking, grilling, talking a little trash, and having the time of your life. And that’s what is about, too. It’s about being yourself, enjoying the people you’re with and not having a care in the world while you’re having your cigar. Most of us need a break right now and is just the cigar for that.”

The goal of this project was to create a medium-to-full-bodied smoke that could take a backseat during other activities, but also hold it’s own as a conversation point. It is desiged to pair well with a variety of drinks. The blend uses a four year old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Connecticut Shade binder, and two varieties of Honduran tobacco from Jamastran and La Entrada, along with Nicaraguan Estelí and Dominican Piloto Cubano filler.

is a regular production cigar and is rolled in at STG Estelí. The new line will ship on August 4th and come in four sizes, each named after classic games of dominoes: Chicken Foot (Robusto): 5” x 54 – SRP per cigar $7.49, Blind Hughie (): 6” x 54 – SRP per cigar $7.99, Matador (Churchill): 7.25” x 54 – SRP per cigar $8.49, and Maltese Cross (Gigante): 6” x 60 – SRP per cigar $8.99. Each box has 20 cigars, two standard 16mm dice, and a felt-covered inside lid which is a suitable surface for playing dice.

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