Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones has announces a new line of cigars for it’s brand: . But it’s more than just cigars, it’s a celebration of dominoes, and dice.

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces CAO Bones’s blender/brand ambassador says, “ is about kicking back with your friends with a cold beer in your hand, playing a game, smoking, grilling, talking a little trash, and having the time of your life. And that’s what is about, too. It’s about being yourself, enjoying the people you’re with and not having a care in the world while you’re having your cigar. Most of us need a break right now and is just the cigar for that.”

The goal of this project was to create a medium-to-full-bodied smoke that could take a backseat during other activities, but also hold it’s own as a conversation point. It is desiged to pair well with a variety of drinks. The blend uses a four year old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Connecticut Shade binder, and two varieties of Honduran tobacco from Jamastran and La Entrada, along with Nicaraguan Estelí and Dominican Piloto Cubano filler.

is a regular production cigar and is rolled in Nicaragua at STG Estelí. The new line will ship on August 4th and come in four sizes, each named after classic games of dominoes: Chicken Foot (Robusto): 5” x 54 – SRP per cigar $7.49, Blind Hughie (Toro): 6” x 54 – SRP per cigar $7.99, Matador (Churchill): 7.25” x 54 – SRP per cigar $8.49, and Maltese Cross (Gigante): 6” x 60 – SRP per cigar $8.99. Each box has 20 cigars, two standard 16mm dice, and a felt-covered inside lid which is a suitable surface for playing dice.