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Cigar News: Régis Broersma Returns As President Of General Cigar Under STG Reorg

Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), parent company of General Cigar Co. and Cigars International, have announced that Régis Broersma has been appointed Senior Vice President of STG’s new North America Branded and Rest of World Division. In this new appointment, Régis returns permanently to his previous role as President of General Cigar Co. These changes are effective immediately.

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Cigar News: General Cigar Announces Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Selección

General Cigar announced a new line for the Hoyo de Monterrey brand today, Epicure Selección. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Selección is three cigar collection honoring Honduras, the country that has been producing Hoyo cigars for 50 years. The design of the bands, boxes, and cigar itself celebrate the tradition of Honduran cigars and Honduran tobacco that began in the 1950s when the Villazon Cigar Factory was built.

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Cigar News: Altadis, General, Davidoff, and Drew Estate Not Attending PCA 2020

Today, the four largest cigar companies in America announced that they will not be attending the PCA (formerly IPCPR) trade show this year. Altadis, General, Davidoff, and Drew Estate each released separate press releases but the general consensus is that they are unhappy with the declining attendance, lack of cooperation with members to make changes to the organization, and rising costs. The linchpin for this action new seems to have been the general unrest around last year’s poorly executed announcement of Consumer Day, which has since been cancelled.

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Quick Cigar Review: CAO | Orellana Score 86%

Quick Cigar Review: CAO | Orellana

So, I’ll start by saying I don’t recall ever having any of the other Amazon blends from CAO. I have, though, seen people rave about these blends for several years now. What I can say is this cigar had a great beginning, that first third was great. Unfortunately the cigar seemed to fall down on itself. The flavors dwindled until the bitterness formed at the end. The body and the strength of the cigar seemed to dwindle the same. The cigar loved to burn, even it was wavy at all times. The draw was excellent with my v-cut. If you’re a fan of this line of CAO Amazon limited releases you definitely have to add it to your list; you’ve already got so much invested into it. For me, though, that first third was the highlight of the cigar. After that the cigar just started fading. Fortunately that first third burned almost as long as the last two combined, for a total of a two hour smoke.

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Cigar News: STG North America Announces Management Changes

Today, Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s North America Branded Business Division (parent company of General Cigar) announced that Régis Broersma, President of General Cigar and Senior Vice President of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s North America Branded Business Division (General Cigar, Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane and Scandinavian Tobacco Group Canada) will be taking on a new role. He will be relocating to Europe and taking over the Smoking Tobacco & Accessories Division.

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Blind Cigar Review: CAO | Zacalo Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: CAO | Zacalo

” It started off as a tasty cigar, however it plateaued about halfway through into a steady flavor profile. The back half remained a pleasant profile but lacked complexity. Draw, construction, and burn were exceptional for this sample considering the size. Not something I’d run and grab every day but definitely smoke one here and there when I crave a large stick. ” –John A. (Bostoneo)

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Cigar News: Punch Diablo to Debut at IPCPR 2018

At the upcoming 2018 IPCPR trade show, Punch cigars will introduce a new line called Diablo.  As the name suggests, it is an extremely bold and full-bodied cigar with strength and power.  AJ Fernandez blended the cigar for Altadis U.S.A. with tobaccos from four different countries, all of which have aged 4-6 years.  The cigars are rolled by hand at the AJ Fernandez factory in Nicaragua.

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