Cigar News: JM's Tobacco Releases Humidity Sealed Packs

Cigar News: JM’s Tobacco Releases Humidity Sealed Packs

JM Tobacco’s State-of-the-Art “Sealed-In” ” Offer Extra-Long, Unattended Storage

“Imagine,” states Anto Mahroukian, JM Tobacco’s president, “finding a sealed package of cigars in the bottom of your golf bag, forgotten from last year. Dried out and unsmokeable? If they’re our new JM Sealed-In , you’ll find they’re as fresh as the day you purchased them.

“Sealed-In feature a unique breakthrough in cigar preservation … food-grade plastic packaging that is impervious to changes in ambient conditions that can cause loss of flavor and aroma through desiccation or mold-producing high humidity. This innovation involves evacuating each sampler pack, then sealing it. Additional humidification materials in the packs are unnecessary, because the cigars remain factory fresh for up to a year.”

The sealed packs are opened by tearing off the end, leaving a handy Zip-Loc™ closure. The packaging material is FDA-approved for storage of bulk foods … grains, etc. … which assures a smooth, flavorful smoke.

The cigars themselves are from the popular JM’s Dominican and Nicaraguan lines. The Dominican comes in Sumatran Natural or Broadleaf Connecticut Maduro; the Nicaraguan has a Sumatran Natural or San Andreas (Mexican) Maduro. Each package holds three Churchills, all sharing the same blend. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing is less than $10. JM Sealed-In are appearing at tobacco retailers at press time.