Cigar News: Micallef Introduces Migdalia Special Edition Cigar for Women’s Day

Cigar News: Micallef Introduces Migdalia Special Edition Cigar for Women’s Day

Micallef Cigars has announced the Migdalia Special Edition to celebrate International Women’s Day. Migdalia Sanchez, matriarch of the Gomez-Sanchez family blended the cigar. The vitola is a 5×40 corona and only the second Special Edition for Micallef and the fourth vitola in the Migdalia line.

The Migdalia Special Edition release emphasizes the profound impact of women across all industries and walks of life, including the cigar business.

For too long, a myth existed proclaiming cigars are the domain of men, and nothing is further from the truth. Today, women play an integral role across every stage of the cigar industry. At Micallef women make up more than half our team across manufacturing, marketing, and sales. I’m lucky to have been surrounded by strong women at home and professionally my entire life. Not only are we Celebrating the amazing women in our lives, Micallef Cigars is doubling down on our commitment to women across our business, the industry, and consumers. Our dream is Micallef Cigars will be known as one of the best products and experiences for all cigar lovers, women and men, when they chose us as business partners or as consumers.

Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars

At the early age of 16, Migdalia Sanchez began her studies at the School of Tobacconists in Havana. Migdalia graduated a year later and started work at the Partagas factory. There she quickly stood out as one of the best cigar rollers. Additionally, she acquired knowledge of the industry in manufacturing and planting tobacco.

Migdalia rose to prominence as one of the best cigar rollers in the industry and began representing Cuba in international expositions. Her travels worldwide showcased her heritage and talents, including visits to Spain, Chile, Peru, and Sweden. Migdalia won the prestigious Carlos Balinos Medal several times in recognition of her skills. Leaving Cuba in 1998 to join her family in Mexico, she continues to work in the cigar business. Today, she splits her time between Miami and Estelí, where she works with sons Edel and Joel Gomez-Sanchez to craft Micallef’s Legacy line at the Micallef Cigars S.A. Factory.

We benefit from Migdalia’s lifelong experience and incredible talent. There’s no question she is a strong woman, but she’s the rule, not the exception. It doesn’t matter where you look; there are strong women everywhere, from home to our front-line workers, to executives in every industry; strong women walk among us. They may be your mother, sister, partner, or friend, they touch our lives every day, and we want to take a moment and celebrate them.

Amanda Micallef, V.P. of Marketing

International Women’s Day marks the beginning of a journey by Micallef Cigars to focus on women in cigars as leaders, artisans, and consumers.

I always have women leaders in my companies. Women bring a different and important perspective. Female leaders have always made our businesses better. It’s time we use our platform to shine a light on the significant contributions of women and to highlight cigars as a pastime men and women can both enjoy!

Al Micallef, Founder

The Migdalia Special Edition and will start shipping to Micallef Authorized Retailers soon. The cigar will cost $12 per cigar and $144 for a 12-count box. The blend uses a San Andrés Habano wrapper, Sumatra binder, and filler from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.