Cigar News: Nomad to Release ‘First Run’ Cigars from 2012 at IPCPR 2017


to Release ‘First Run’ Cigars from 2012.

Santiago, Dominican Republic (June 28, 2017) – In celebration of Cigar Company’s five-year anniversary, they will be releasing a limited number of ‘First Run’ cigars from 2012 at the 2017 IPCPR show.

Cigar News: Nomad to Release ‘First Run’ Cigars from 2012 at IPCPR 2017The owner of Cigar Company, , started in 2012 with one line. The ‘Classic Dominican’ was offered in several vitolas. The company portfolio has now grown to 14 blends and 51 sku’s.

“To say that back then there was some sort of careful forethought to celebrating five years would be incorrect. Sometimes just a little bit of luck helps the planets align.” – said Rewey.

“The fact of the matter is that when I started I was not really clear on which sizes would work and which wouldn’t. That led to an overrun of two sizes in particular. A round torpedo and a small perfecto. Recently I discovered that we had a limited amount from the original run and began smoking them. It seemed only appropriate to share these aged beauties.” – Rewey added.

The ‘First Run’ cigars will be offered at this year’s IPCPR in very limited amounts to existing retailers.