Cigar News: PDR Adds Scott Lewis to National Sales Force is proud to announce the addition of to its national Sales Force. Chad Armstrong, the outgoing rep, has left due to some medical issues.

Said Chad, “ Working with was an excellent experience.. one I wish I could continue. I regret having to leave this wonderful industry and all the friends and relationships I have made, but, for the sake of my health, I must move on.

Departing from its previous in-house model, Mr Lewis will be an independent broker, representing in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Louisiana.

Abe Flores, Owner of , stated, “ While I regret losing Chad, I am excited to have Scott working with us. As a company, I have been working to have the right people in place as we move forward in this new age of FDA regulation. 9 months ago, I hired Aurora Buca as my office manager to give us a a more streamlined office team, and to fix problems in order fulfillment. She has done an excellent job, and continues to affect positive changes in our home office. I also hired Isamarie Melendez to help us create a timelier and more positive customer service experience. Our new inside team has allowed us to reduce backorders and eliminate past errors.

Also joining the team is Wes Gade from Iowa. He will be brokering in NE, IA,MN,SD,ND and the Arctic Circle. Wes brings an excellent level of service to traditionally underrepresented states (and is also a reviewer for Blind Man’s Puff).