Cigar News: Recluse Announces Amadeus Los Cabos

Cigar News: Recluse Announces Amadeus Los Cabos

Cigar News: Recluse Announces Amadeus Los Cabos


announces the release of Los Cabos. This blend is an expansion of our very successful series of blends. The cigar features a Grade A San Andreas Maduro wrapper and a variety of Dominican and Pennsylvania fillers. The look of the cigar is meant to capture the feel of Los Cabos. Cigars President, says, “We have a habit of calling our cigars mini vacations and that's the way we want our customers to feel when they enjoy the Los Cabos experience.” The Los Cabos will be showcased at the 2016 IPCPR tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. July 25th-28th.

Cigar News: Recluse Announces Amadeus Los Cabos The Los Cabos will be made available in Fourteen sizes:

  • Petit Corona 4×42  24 $5.95
  • Corona 5 3/4×46 24 $6.75
  •  5×52 24 $7.50
  • Toro 6 1/4×50 24 $8.50
  • Belicoso 6 1/2×56 24 $8.95
  • Lancero 7×38 24 $8.95
  • Tarantula 6×60 24 $9.50
  • Excepcionales 7 1/2×56 24 $9.75
  • Sidewinder #1 5×57 24 $8.50
  • Sidewinder #2 6×57 24 $9.50
  • Sidewinder #3 7×57 24 $10.50
  • Kanu #1 6×54 20 $10.25
  • Kanu #2 7×52 20 $10.95
  • Kanu #3 8×58 20 $11.95

Cigar News: Recluse Announces Amadeus Los CabosTabacalera Leyendas Cubanas is run by . He comes from generations of cigar manufacturers and he wants to have the greatest factory in the .
The first blend released from this factory is the .

Every leaf in the is fermented for Two years and every cigar is rolled in the Cuban style of ‘entubado' which is tubing. Instead of bunching and pressing the filler, each filler leaf is rolled into an individual tube and then pulled together which creates three air channels. The three air channels deliver an effortless draw. This also allows for a better box press on the cigar. The box press compresses the airspace in the cigar. It is basically reducing the amount of combustion because the airspace is reduced. This combination provides an effortless draw as well as a cooler, slower and straighter burn. The cigar refuses to burn hot.

We have invented new shapes. The OTG on the stands for Off The Grid and that is our business model. The new shape is called Kanu' (pictured above) and it's a Picasso.
It's the perfect storm.

Design: As far as design goes; is designed to take every retail consideration in mind. There are bar codes on each individual cigar. On the boxes it is on the outside of the cellophane.