has formally announced the re-launch of its line.  Just prior to the , word came from  President Charlie  that the crystal tube and cedar sheath packaging of this blend would be replaced by cellophane sleeves and traditional boxes.  As we also reported from , a new size a 6 x 60 BFC is also be added.  Information on the re-launch was communicated via press release.

Cigar News: Toraño Family Cigars Relaunches Reserva Selecta

Cigar News: Relaunches

In terms of why the change, Charlie  noted, “Consumers and retailers continue to heap praise on the blend, but have asked us to eliminate the tubes to save both cost and shelf space.”

The was launched back in 1999 and at 14 years old, it represents one of the oldest blends in the  portfolio.  As we reported, there will be no blend changes from the tubed version.  In addition to the 6 x 60 BFC, the robusto, toro, and torpedo versions of this cigar remain.

As we also reported from the trade show, there will also be a price decrease for this cigar as it will fall in the $6.95 to $8.30 price range.  According to   “Offering this most popular cigar in fresh packaging and at a reduced price will introduce to an entirely new audience.  Sales have remained strong and steady since 1999, and the steps we’re now taking will keep it a bedrock cigar.”

Cigar News: Relaunches

Source: Cigar Coop