Wednesday, July 20, 2016 — is ready to stun the senses of the cigar world again with the launch of its new super-premium cigar line, , which will debut at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) trade show in Las Vegas on July 25th, 2016. continues the tradition with a full line of five (5) highly-complex, yet perfectly balanced cigar blends. Each vitola is artfully crafted with a unique blend of rich, flavorful tobaccos carefully bound in a pristine wrapper—and features stunning visual imagery of the “hero’s journey” mythology on the boxes and bands—all working in harmony to create a mesmerizing visual and taste experience.

Series ‘A’ consists of three (3) blends; two (2) blends made in the Dominican Republic at Occidental Cigars and one (1) blend from Honduras made at the Laepe factory.

  • Dreamstate, features a Dominican Connecticut wrapper, and is available in Robusto 5×52 ($9.99), Toro 6×50 ($10.99), and Churchill 7×48 ($11.99). This mild-to-medium cigar features a velvety-golden wrapper that rewards with a complex bouquet of fruit, vanilla and white pepper.
  • Sage Advice, with an Ecuadorian wrapper, is available in Robusto 5.25×54 ($10.99), Toro 6×52 ($11.99), and Gordo 6×60 ($12.99). This exotic blend of rare, aged tobaccos creates a profound, full-bodied smoking experience that explodes with leather, dried fruit and spice.
  • Strange Passage, a Honduran box-pressed cigar, is available in Short Robusto 4.25×50 ($8.99), Robusto 5.5×54 ($10.49), Toro 6×60 ($12.49). Strange Passage is a multi-dimensional cigar powerhouse that weaves flavors of freshly roasted coffee and aged wood with earthy fruit and spice on the finish.


Series ‘B’ consists of two (2) Nicaraguan blends created in collaboration with that will be extremely limited and initially allocated only to retailers carrying the full line.

  • Initiation has an Ecuadorian wrapper and is available in Corona 5×46 ($9.99), Robusto 5×54 ($10.99), Toro 6×52 ($11.99), and Churchill 7×48 ($12.99). The unique blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos opens up with heavenly aromas, floral notes, white sage and orange zest that intensify throughout the smoke.
  • Axis Mundi features a Maduro wrapper available in Corona 5×46 ($10.49), Robusto 5×54 ($11.49), Toro 6×52 ($12.49), and Churchill 7×48 ($12.99). This sublimely balanced Nicaraguan powerhouse delivers rich, complex layers of spice, dried figs, maple syrup and charred oak.

According to Jason Carignan, Chief Marketing Officer, “the brand is inspired by the work of psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and the writings of mythographer Joseph Campbell who defined ‘archetypes’ as the constantly repeating characters who occur in the dreams of all people and the myths of all cultures. Campbell discovered through his study of world myths is that the ‘Hero’s Journey’ is a common storytelling arc that has been retold in infinite variations since time began.” Cigar smoking is really no different; we gather and we weave our tales as we share a couple of sticks and a glass of fine whiskey.

Fans of the Initiation and Axis Mundis collaborative products between Company and are encouraged to download Drew Diplomat the official mobile application of – The Rebirth of Cigars which is now available in the App Store for iPhone®, and iPod Touch® and on Google Play™ for Android™. For more information head to

Series ‘A’ and Series ‘B’ will begin shipping to retail customers on August 1, 2016. Both the Serie A and Serie B will be distributed by Phillips & King International.

About Company

Company is a boutique cigar brand born in sunny southern California that is on a mission to create memorable, complex cigar blends that move the senses and reward the discriminating palate. Their flagship PSyKo SEVEN brand unsettled humidors nationwide with in-your-face packaging and multiple award-winning blends that earned 90+ ratings in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar & Spirits and Cigar Snob.