Cigar News: Xikar Announces Meridian Triple-Soft-Flame Lighter has announced a new , , a . combines the traditional soft flame into a triple-flame format adding more power and size to the flame. The three smaller flames of combine into one larger flame that fully envelopes the foot of the cigar and can accommodate large ring gauge cigars.

The has a large roller bar for easy lighting, large faceted body for a comfortable grip, ’s signature red EZ-View fuel window, and an easy-to-access compartment for flint refilling.

ships early June right in time for Father’s Day. It comes in six finishes: black, gunmetal, red and blue, each with polished gunmetal accents; black with gold accents; and black with rose gold accents. The will sell for an MSRP of $149.99. Replacement Premium Flints will also be sold in 10-packs for MSRP of $4.99.


  • Large Triple Soft-flame
  • Reliable Flint Ignition
  • Large Easy-to-use Roller Bar
  • Red EZ-View Fuel Window
  • Large Body for Comfortable Grip
  • Large Easy-to-use Fuel Adjuster
  • High Altitude Performance
  • Supported by the Limited Lifetime Warranty