Cigar News: Cigar Store Rarity: “A”

David Savona
Posted: August 14, 2013
“A” sized cigars are the empire cut prime ribs of the cigar world: They are huge, they take a long time to consume, and they are absolutely not for every day. With that in mind, of has released his first “A” in years, the Double Ligero A Oscuro Natural. 

“The last time we made an “A” was in 2006,” Gomez toldCigar Aficionado this morning. “This is something we do in limited quantities, every now and then. This is not a regular size in the rotation of most cigar smokers. There’s a small number of hardcore smokers who really like this size, and even those guys who really like this cigar don’t do it that often. You really need to pay some respect to the cigar and pay attention to it.”

Gomez said he made a “few thousand” of these As, which measure 9 inches long with a 47 ring gauge (a tiny bit shorter than the Cuban standard size of 9 1/4 by 47.) The ultra-long cigars are wrapped with Ecuador Sumatra leaves that are very dark, taken from high atop the plant, and contain filler and binder from Gomez’s farm in La Canela, Domincian Republic.

Cigar News: Cigar Store Rarity: La Flor Dominicana “A”

Cigar News: Cigar Store Rarity: “A”

The cigars come in boxes of 10 that are laser etched with recently expanded Tabacalera La Flor Factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. They have a suggested retail price of $15 per cigar. The cigars have shipped to cigar stores, and those closest to La Flor headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, should get them first due to shipping times. All shops that ordered them at the trade show should get them by next week.

“This is something that I like to do every few years,” said Gomez. “It’s a treat for some cigar smokers.”

To see a video of Gomez on his farm, click here.

Source: CigarAficionado