Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills
Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

We met Brian and Chanda at this years IPCPR trade show. They are very passionate about their product and as we talked, they were very interested in working together on this contest to give away a box of 25 of their cedar spills customized with the Blind Man’s Puff name engraved on them.

We highly recommend that you head over to their website to pickup some cedar spills. Below is an overview about their product.

Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills
Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

Smoke naturally with Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills. Enjoy the true flavors of your cigar without harmful butane, sulfur or chemicals, the traditional way. The classy and sophisticated Spanish sword of Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills is carefully designed to create a perfect smoking experience. The design is engineered for a controllable flame allowing you to toast the cigar with precision and create an even burn. Only the highest grade Spanish cedar is used in making Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills. Tobacco will absorb any aroma or fragrance that is comes in contact with. Spanish cedar wood enhances the flavors of the tobacco. By using a Cigar Reserve Cedar Spill you remove the flavor changing chemicals, such as butane and sulfur out of your cigar. Toast, Puff and Savor with Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills. Handmade in the USA.

How to enter:

  1. Comment in this thread with a funny, interesting or unique story that you experienced while lighting a cigar

  2. Retweet this contest on Twitter, Like this contest on Facebook or +1 this contest on Google+

  3. Contest Ends on Saturday September 14th at 11:59PM Pacific Time

  4. We will then review all of the stories and pick the one that we like the best

    Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills
    Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills


1. You must be 18 years of age or over AND the legal age to possess tobacco in your respective address.

2. Prizes have no cash value.

3. Blind Man’s Puff is not responsible for prizes damaged or lost in transit.

4. Occasionally cigars/prizes go missing, get damaged before we ship or other natural disasters occur, we reserve the right to replace a prize winning with something of equal or more value. In the event of replacement, winners will be notified before replacements are shipped.

5. In order to enter the contest you must put a story in the comment section of this post.

6. Winners must claim prize by emailing within 72 hours of a winner being announced. Winners will be announced via a comment at the designated date for when contests end, it is all participants responsibility to determine if they have won. Process must be completed by 11:59PM PST 9/18/13

7. Unless otherwise specified, you can only enter each contest a single time. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

8. All winners for random contests will be randomly. Contests where winners are not selected at random will be specifically noted.

9. Additional rules beyond what it is stated on this page will be explicitly stated on contests where additional rules apply.

10. By entering a contest, you accept the terms and conditions stated above.

11. Blind Man’s Puff will only ship winner’s cigars if they follow the above steps and email the appropriate e-mail address.

12. Blind Man’s Puff reserves the right to change these rules at anytime.


Story Contest: Win a box of 25 Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

  1. Was at the monsters of rock festival and as night pulled in,people lit bonfires.I had run out of matches so in order to light my partagas,I leaned up close to the bonfire with cigar in mouth.It was like a scene from towering inferno,as I got closer,not only did the cigar go up in flames but so did my eyebrows and front of my hair.A helpful police officer through a pint of beer over my head

  2. I was out for camping, brought a couple sticks with me, and only brought a bic lighter. After traveling down river the one and only bic got drenched. We were able to get a fire going but had nothing to light my stogie with. I crept in to light the cigar with a flaming log. I was not only successful in getting the cigar going, I was also successful in singe off an eyebrow. The cigar was still quite nice even with the aroma of burnt hair.

  3. Last fall I was out camping with some friends. As with every camping trip we take I had taken a traveldor with me full of a variety of cigars for us to enjoy over the long weekend. I had just come back from an Alec Bradley event where I got my shiny new Alec Bradley hat and 3 torch lighter. After a long day of hiking and fishing we had all finally settled down for the night in front of a rather large fire. Most of my friends were lighting there cigars by the camp fire but I decided to give my new 3 torch lighter a try. Unbeknownst to me, it was set on the highest setting which caused a rather large 4 to 5 inch flame to shoot out of the lighter, scorching my cigar in seconds flat. As I puffed away on my cigar with great pride, I couldn’t help but notice all my friends starting at me, mouth agape.
    “Works great doesn’t it! I lit that cigar in seconds flat!” I said with a smile.
    “Yeah, it works really great….” my buddy Josh chimed in. “So great in fact that your hat is on fire.”
    My crowd of friends erupted into laughter as I proceeded to pluck my flaming hat from my head and toss it into the fire.
    I will never forget the day my HEAD almost caught on fire.

  4. My wife hates when I shaved off the mustache part of my goatee after a week it grew back.Then we were outside and I had relight the last 3rd of my stogie and she saw me burn my stache then started cracking up and said is that why you have been shaving that damn thing off BUSTED

  5. Congratulations to Brandon for winning the contest. We will get in touch with you for details so that we can ship out your prize.

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