J.C. Newman Brings Back Yagua for 2021

J.C. Newman Brings Back Yagua for 2021 – Cigar News

is bringing back this year, again in limited quantities. We reviewed this cigar last year and gave it a 93. The brand goes all the way back to 1940's in the Cuban tobacco fields. The cigar was inspired by PENSA's General Manager, Lazaro Lopez, who shared the following with (Fourth Generation Owner, Cigar Company) over dinner in Estelí, Nicaragua in 2019:

“At our family farm, my grandfather would take fresh tobacco leaves from the curing barns and roll cigars without any molds or presses. In an attempt to give his cigars a traditional shape, he would tie a handful of them together using pieces of the Cuban royal palm tree, known as the . When he was ready to enjoy his personal cigars, he untied the bundle. He loved how every cigar had its own unique shape. I still remember the rich aroma and taste of my grandfather's cigars. Today, I've recreated , rolling them exactly how my grandfather did a century ago.”

“After hearing Lazaro describe the beautiful cigars he remembers from his youth in Cuba, I asked Lazaro if he could make this special cigar at our factory in Nicaragua,” said . “We call it , after the palm leaves that give the cigars their distinct shape. Because the cigars are pressed together and bound while they are still wet, each one has a slightly different shape. Each cigar is truly unique.”

is releasing 1,000 boxes of from its aging rooms, the same amount it shipped last year. Each box contains 20 cigars, which measure approximately 6×54, but the shapes and sizes vary due to the nature of the project.

is a difficult cigar to roll because we use an under fermented Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, blend the filler tobaccos differently, and do not use the usual tools and techniques of a cigar factory. As the wrapper is not fully fermented, we age the cigars for a full year after they are rolled.”