Matt Booth Ships Sancho Panza Limited Edition - Cigar News

Matt Booth Ships Sancho Panza Limited Edition – Cigar News

In 2022, General Cigar purchased the Room101 brand, and brought on to be their creative director. One of Booth's first projects with the company was the revitalization of the brand. We rated all three of those new blends Original, Double Maduro, and Extra Fuerte. Now, the brand is getting a line extension. Something that sets this apart from the regular production version is the fact that they are rolled at the Oliva Cigar Factory, as opposed to HATSA.

Booth says the “hyper-sexual blend provides both pleasure in the combustion experience and depth to the brand's overall offering,” in what he refers to as a meaningful “next installment” and “responsible addition” to the brand franchise.

Following the big news around last year, we agreed the brand deserved a heightened level of focus this year. So we developed a special blend to continue the dialogue around Sancho. By releasing a limited-edition blend of this caliber, we're anticipating that Sancho loyalists and newcomers alike will spread the gospel of this great brand, as they expand their humidors with a new smoke to collect and enjoy.

Matt Wilson, senior brand manager of

was blended by and Justin Andrews, along with the Oliva blending team.

We have always had both a respect and an adoration for the products that come out of the Oliva facility. And we felt it appropriate to produce with them because their signature direction to cigar composition aligned perfectly with what we were looking to achieve for . We are also enchanted by Cory Bappert, President Oliva USA and were looking for any and all reason to remain close to him…related to production of course.

The blend uses an Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and Nicaragua filler tobaccos from Condega, Esteli and Somoto. The cigar is described as medium-bodied with hints of spice and transitions smoothly from the first third to the last. It is, in Booth's estimation “an episodic adventure in taste and transition” that “upon ignition, will take the smoker in a vice-like grip of enhanced enjoyment.” comes in one size, a measuring 6” x 52 with an MSRP of $12.99.