Quick Cigar Review: |

*Note: this is not a blind review, this is just to give a quick take on a cigar that was provided to us by the manufacturer.

This was provided to us in a sampler of the various lines by AKA Cigars. The wrapper is a 4 year aged San Andreas Valley Broadleaf. The binder is a 4 year aged Dominican and the filler is a 4 and 5 year aged triple filler of Dominican, Honduran and Peruvian. The cigars are made at the Davidoff factory in Danli and this cigar has an MSRP of $8.25.

Initial Impressions:

The cigar has a nice chocolaty brown color. It has a few medium sized veins along with some very small veins running throughout the wrapper. I got a very sweet tobacco aroma from the wrapper and the foot. The construction looks pretty good as it is nice and firm throughout. The seam of the wrap is visible in some areas.

The Smoke:

Right from the start, I’m getting a charred meat flavor. It is producing a nice amount of smoke with a terrific draw. The flavor is transitioning more into that of coffee bean with a little bit of sweetness. The strength is at about a medium while the body is medium-full. The smoke coats my tongue and has a very long finish that reminds me of the aftertaste of walnuts.

Into the second third, the sweetness subsided and I was getting what I can only describe as a perfume taste. Hints of floral with that bit of alcohol finish. The cigar moves into a meaty flavor again, but this time without as much char. Strength and body stay the same as they were in the first third. The third finishes up with the flavor of bakers chocolate.

The final third is bringing a salty meatiness with a more medium-full strength. Also some bitter chocolate flavors come and go. With this cigar I had the rare experience of some of the bitterness that you typically experience at the end of the cigar, but then it went away and I was able to enjoy the cigar until I couldn’t hold it anymore.

Overall Impressions:

The draw on this was excellent. This is what would describe as the perfect draw and what I would hope for in every cigar. The burn wasn’t razor sharp, but it always kept up and never needed any attention. This cigar had some nice transitions as it had floral notes in the middle mixed in with some meaty and chocolate notes. It smoked beautifully as I didn’t have to put any work into the cigar, I was able to sit back and just experience it. I would say that this cigar has an identity that you could reference anytime that you were looking for these flavors and wanted to revisit them by smoking another.

I am a pretty slow smoker, so this lasted an hour and 35 minutes for me. I would give the a personal score of 90.

Quick Cigar Review: |