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​​ Cigars Distributors is a small family-owned business out of the Chicago area. Premium Cigars are imported directly from their farm in .

Robusto measures 5 X50 and uses a Cuban Seed Ecuadorian Habano DeFlorado wrapper. The fillers come from . It is described as mild to medium.


This is a nice looking robusto cigar, there are a few visible seams, but no veins that I can see. The cigar seems to be smooth to the touch and well packed.  I don’t pick up any aromas on the body, but the on the foot I pick up faint nuts and floral notes. On the cold draw I get salt and bread.

First Third

Right out of the gate I get a marshmallow mixed with rye whiskey flavors. As the cigar burns on it’s turning into a quite enjoyable smoke with more bread flavors continuing on and strength is right at a medium.

Second Third

Picking up some nice flavors in this third of light milk chocolate and a very nice sweetness of cherry flavors are sneaking in as well.

Final Third

The cherry is all gone now, and in it’s place is now a nice oak & coffee flavor that has dominated the profile along with the same milk chocolate and some creaminess as well.

Overall Impressions

The burn needed a couple of touch-ups, but it burned pretty evenly. There was very little resistance on the draw which is what I prefer. Construction was top notch in my opinion, there was plenty of ash and smoke and the cigar stayed cool throughout the duration of the smoke. Overall I liked this cigar, it wasn’t mind blowing, but they all can’t be right? Anyway this was a nice smooth smoke from first puff to the last. The cigar never got above a medium in strength and dare I say it was almost mild. There was some creaminess along with a surprisingly cherry sweetness and oak flavors. I would definitely smoke this again.

-Mickey T. (irratebass)

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