Sinistro Announces Mr. Desflorado for PCA - Cigar News

Sinistro Announces Mr. Desflorado for PCA – Cigar News

has announced , which will be the main showcase at their booth at the trade show this week. The cigar will begin shipping immediately after .

This will be a regular production release as part of the ‘Mr. Series' – (Mr. Black, Mr. Red, Mr. White, Mr. White Gold Edition, and new )

The cigar was blended by of Cigars, and is rolled at the El factory in the . The blend uses a Desflorado wrapper, African Cameroon binder, and Dominican, Colombian, and Nicaraguan fillers. The cigar is described as medium-bodied and comes in two vitolas: Robusto 5×52 MSRP $10/cigar, box of 20 $200 MSRP, and 6×54 MSRP $11/cigar, box of 20 $220 MSRP.

The Desflorado wrapper involves a precise rare procedure implemented during the cultivation phase of the tobacco plant. In this distinctive process, the uppermost pink flowers of the plant are deliberately removed prior to seed formation. The outcome of this technique is twofold: it deepens the shade of the leaf's hue and imbues it with a significantly sweeter taste profile. Complementing this wrapper is the infusion of an African Cameroon wrapper along with carefully selected fillers sourced from , , and Colombia. This harmonious combination of elements results in a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the palate.