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Cigar News: Whiff Industries Announces Distribution Partnership with Quality Importers

Whiff Industries Announces has announced a new distribution partnership with Quality Importers Trading Company. This will make the product much easier to find for customers. The partnership is focusing on brick & mortar stores that already carry Quality Importer products, like Xikar, so you can find it locally. We’ve reviewed the Whiff out spray here, and the Whiff out powders here.

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Cigar News: Conocedor | A New Premium Cigar Accessory Company

Storing, cutting, and lighting your cigars can be a simple thing.  But sometimes the simple just isn’t enough.  A new player in the luxury accessory market definitely puts that idea into the products they make.  Conocedor is a company formed from the idea idea to create the most refined cigar cutters in the world. The goal was originally to just make them for personal use, but the idea transitioned into a luxury cigar accessory brand with broad range of cigar accessories. Each is unique, and made with the finest of  craftsmanship and design innovation.

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Cigar News: Screwpop Introduces the Chopo Cigar Cutter

Screpop have introduced the Chopo cigar cutter.  It is a successor of the first cutter from this accessory brand, but far improved over the original.  Mainly, it has an enlarged eyelet that puts the pivot motion closer to the cutting circle.  also, two washers have been added to the mechanism in order to further minimize separation of the cutting blades, and to prevent excessive wear on the mechanism.

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