Accessory Review: Xikar | Linea Single Flame Lighter

Accessory Review: Xikar | Linea Single Flame Lighter

It's interesting how cigar smokers operate.  We can be stubborn at times, and yet still looking for the next great thing.  That is not only true for our cigars, but can also be true of the tools we use for the enjoyment of those cigars.  Travel humidors, cutters, , nub tools, and all of the other implements that we use can become an afterthought to the cigar itself.  The most important might be the .  After all, no fire means no smoke.  No smoke means no enjoyment.  has been solving that problem for us for a long time now. The | adds another dimension to the already stellar reputation for .  Affordability, without sacrificing performance. Accessory Review: Xikar | Linea Single Flame Lighter The Linea seems simple by design, but is has one thing that every cigar smoker wants in a .  It lights.  Yes, I realize that may seem silly, but how many times have you been frustrated because your won't work a week after you bought it and nothing seems to help.  After using this Linea for a couple of months, I am loving the reliability.  It just works all the time.  Even in my cold Minnesota temperatures, it works.  I don't have to fight with it.

I have a feeling if we were to poll cigar smokers about the number 1 most important feature in a , it would be reliability.  This Linea has proven reliable for me the entire time I've used it.  And though I am not usually a fan of single torch , the jet on the Linea is more robust than I have seen on most other single torch .  The flame it puts off is bold and accurate, and I had no problems covering the whole foot of the cigar, even on cigars over a 52 ring gauge.

The push-button igniter has a smooth motion and positive click. The articulated cover keeps the jet protected from lint and dust while in the pocket.  It is lightweight, and yet seems to hold way more butane than the size would suggest.  The adjustment wheel is east to turn and yet not so loose that it will be spun around unintentionally.  The only real con that I found was the general fit and finish.  The evenness of the paint application and the joints between stainless headpieces are not the best on the market, but far better still than a lot of that cost more than the Linea.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Linea Single Flame Lighter

That brings us to one of the best features-  The price.  The MSRP of the Linea is only $29.99.  And don't go thinking that this “budget” isn't still a performer.  still backs the Linea with a lifetime warranty, just like the other that cost two or three times as much.  Functionality, efficiency, and reliability all in such a meager price point is not easy to do. But did it with the Linea.  The Linea is available in Yellow (pictured), Red, Blue, and Black.  It is available where products are sold, and at Xikar.com

Verdict: Good

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