Atabey Black Moves from NFT to Real World - Cigar News

Atabey Black Moves from NFT to Real World – Cigar News

The Ritos, originally announced and sold as a “virtual cigar” in the form of an NFT in 2021, is making it's way to the real world in the latter half of 2023. After going through Selected Tobacco owner 's five year aging process, the cigars are now ready to be enjoyed in United Cigar Lounges across the US. Ritos claimed to be the first NFT cigar in the world, limited to 25 single cigar and 10 boxes as unique digital images. The Ritos NFT sales proceeds were raised for Cigar Rights of the World. Now, the real life cigar will be featured at 2023 in Las Vegas, NV with a scheduled ship time to retailers in December 2023.

As the Goddess of the Taino Indians, is rich in history. It was the Taino Indians who first smoked a primitive form of what is known today as a cigar while praying to their Goddess . This spiritual ceremony was known as the Cohiba and the tribe communication to was communicated through their spiritual guide, the Behike. Today, the line is aged in multi-cedar lined humidors, where humidity is reduced and raised to help the cigars breathe in the different cedar notes and cleanse itself in Nelsons version of a spiritual ceremony.

The biggest difference between the original and the new is the Ecuadorian maduro wrapper, which replaces the regular Ecuadorian natural wrapper.

Sometimes the tobacco I select has already selected its journey. This Ecuador maduro wrapper went on to the Ritos more than five years ago, now my journey ends, and someone's experience will begin.

of Selected Tobacco

The will only be available in the Ritos (6 1/8 x 55) size and limited to 200 boxes of 25.


  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Factory: Tabacos de Costa Rica
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
  • Binder: Undisclosed
  • Filler: Undisclosed & Peruvian Ligero
  • Vitola: Ritos 6 1/8 x 55
  • Production: 5,000 Cigars / 200 boxes

will be showcased this year at 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada with scheduled release in December 2023. The Limited production of the Ritos will dictate its availability and only be sold to the NFT holders and Official United Cigar branded lounges initially.