Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley to Release Dojo Chico at Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival - Cigar News

Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley to Release Dojo Chico at Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival – Cigar News

Cigar Dojo and Alec & Bradley are collaborating again, this time on Dojo Chico. This project is an homage to the Topo Chico brand of sparkling mineral water that many cigar enthusiasts, Cigar Dojo and Blind Man’s Puff included, have come to embrace while smoking a cigar.

The love of this particular brand of sparkling water extends to Alec Bradley Cigar Co. as well. The story goes that during the 15th century, the Aztec people uncovered a spring of water in a fertle valley in Mexico. The cigar community appreciates the larger bubble in its carbonation compared to other options and acts well as a palate cleanser.

The Dojo Chico is also said to offer a clean, refreshing, tongue-tingling smoking experience on par with the mineral water it was modeled after.

There is a very specific brand of mineral water that Eric and my father, Alan, are obsessed with. We embraced this bizarre fascination, chose a very refreshing blend, and came up with Dojo Chico!

Bradley Rubin, co-founder of Alec & Bradley

Just like the sparking water, Dojo Chico cigars will come in six-packs at approachable price point of $6.50 per cigar. The cigars are rolled in Nicaragua at an undisclosed factory in a 5⅝” x 46 corona gorda size that brings out a concentrated smoking experience. The only blend info given is that it is mostly comprised of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Dojo Chico pays homage to our favorite mineral water, which we drink by the case here in Dojo studios. This cigar is fun, affordable, and features a great blend from the Alec & Bradley boys that performs as good as a cigar twice the price.

Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo

The Dojo Chico wil first go on sale at Cigar Dojo’s pre-festival party on Thursday August 26th at the Dojo studio in Lakewood, CO with Bradley Rubin in attendance. It will then be sold at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival main event on Saturday August 28th from 11am-6pm. Then, any remaining stock will be sold at Bundles will go for $40 at the festival or $39 on the website.