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Cigar News: Claudio Sgroi Resigns from Mombacho Cigars

Cigar News: Claudio Sgroi Resigns from Mombacho Cigars

Claudio Sgroi has been the Master Blender of Mombacho Cigars for ten years. He had been president of the company since 2016 until earlier this year where he stepped down from that role and was replaced by Cam Heaps but had retained the role of Master Blender. Now, as of April 1, he will no longer have an active role in the company. The company has not announced a replacement.

Sgroi said in a message to the company that he would be focusing his time and energy on his family and other professional ventures, including his role as President of the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber (CNT) and expanding his global reach in the industry by partnering with leading and up-and-coming brands.

During his time at Mombacho he oversaw new vitolas, new blends, new quality control systems, expanded sales to more than twelve countries, enhanced relationships with tobacco growers in Nicaragua, and a state-of-the-art factory, Casa Favilli. Sgroi also joined the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber, and in January of 2020 was elected president. He now leads the board and all member activities, as well as oversees the organization of the “Puro Sabor” cigar festival and other endeavors.

Sgroi relocated to Granada in 2012 and lived there for nearly five years. During that time, he developed the Liga Maestro blend, the Mombacho 10th Anniversary Magnifico, the Casa Favilli line, and the Cosecha Series. Sgroi discovered and led the renovation of Casa Favilli, a colonial mansion classified as a historical monument in Granada, Nicaragua, which today serves as the Mombacho Cigars factory.

In the past decade I worked tirelessly to build assets for future growth. I am excited and looking forward to dedicating more time to the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber, as I have a deep responsibility to represent the leading manufacturers in the world. The members of the chamber are making the highest quality cigars available today.

Claudio Sgroi

The CNT includes 26 members representing 95 percent of exported cigars and tobacco from Nicaragua. The chamber also hosts the world famous “Puro Sabor” cigar festival, which takes place annually in Nicaragua and
attracts a global audience eager to taste and experience Nicaraguan cigars and culture.