Cigar News: Davidoff Announces AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata
Cigar News: Davidoff Announces AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

Turn Up The Tempo, The Unexpected Awaits. Introducing the NEW AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

PINELLAS PARK, FL – MAY 11, 2016 – Inspired by the worldly lifestyle of cigar legend Uvezian,
Cigars turns up the tempo with a second release under the highly-rated Syncro Series – the new
Syncro .

Having savored the spicy, sweet notes from Isla Ometepe, the Syncro Series now ventures deeper into
the rugged landscape of – collecting and composing wilder, richer, more intense flavors.
Venturing north into the dark, mountainous soils of 's Esteli and Condega regions, our master
blender has captured the strength and spice from this rugged, yet fertile terrain.

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

Syncro delivers new frontiers in cigar experiences. Pulsing with the rhythm of
's more intense Esteli and Condega tobaccos and composed with the softer, creamier notes of our
Dominican grown tobacco, aficionados will savor every note and be delighted by the fusion of wild
complexity blended with unprecedented harmony.” said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President, Global
Marketing and Innovation.

, meaning Bonfire or Campfire in Spanish, was a great inspiration for this new cigar, it is one of my
favorite settings to share unforgettable and intimate moments with my closest of friends. With Syncro
, we went off the beaten path in search of more intense taste experiences and are proud to
now share with you this vibrant new blend in our portfolio,” explains Uvezian.


Composed with faraway notes from Ecuador, Mexico and the and paired with the spicy
sweetness of Nicaraguan tobacco, Syncro is an intense yet perfectly smooth and balanced
cigar. As soon as the flame touches the cigar, one is greeted with a wildly exotic flavor profile, revealing its
artful composition from the very beginning. The blend plays with the palate in terms of strength and aromas
influenced by the Visus and Ligero filler leaves from and . The remarkable
flavors of coffee, salt, cedar wood, citrus and sweetness are alluring and compliment the overall intensity.
This is your calling to go deep into the untamed heart of one of the world's most celebrated tobacco regions.
An opportunity to unearth the vibrant spirit that lurks within. To synchronize your wilder side with the
harmony of . Enticing you to once again, Savor Every Note.


Wrapper: 2000 Clara (Ecuador)
Binder: Negro San Andreas (Mexico)
Fillers: Esteli Ligero ()
Condega Visus ()
Yamasa Visus, Piloto and San Vicente Ligero ()
Short Torpedo 20 cigars 52 RG x 4 1/2 $ 8.90
Robusto 20 cigars 50 RG x 5 $ 9.90
20 cigars 54 RG x 6 $ 10.90
Special 20 cigars 60 RG x 6 $ 11.90


The new Syncro will begin shipping nationwide on June 27, 2016 in the United
States, while the global launch is anticipated for 2017.


Cigars started when the brand's founder, Uvezian, a legendary jazz and cigar composer of global
fame met the cigar master blender in 1982 in the . A fruitful cooperation
between cigar pianist and cigar composer began to develop which resulted in the launch of the Classic
Series; an almost immediate success. Two creative masters collaborated with one purpose: help aficionados
to “SAVOR EVERY NOTE” in life through delightful cigars. Uvezian is a man of the world who savors
every note to the fullest. He cherishes every moment in life with passion and shows insatiable thirst for
connections with people from all walks of life.