Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Culebras and 60 Ring Gauge

Cigar News: Announces Culebras and 60 Ring Gauge

Press Release – Cigars invites aficionados across the globe to open their world and explore its variety of masterfully created blends

As part of this effort, the first Limited Edition, with its latest Brazilian Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá cigars, have been braided together in the unconventional format

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Culebras and 60 Ring GaugeBasel, April 2017. Cigars’ mission is to broaden the cigar horizons of the world’s aficionados and help them explore and experience the wider world of cigars. Zino , a pioneer, a visionary and a guiding spirit, started his life work at an early age. In only five years he travelled across South and Central America: Argentina, Brazil and of course Cuba in search of exciting new flavours. During this life experience he learned everything about tobacco, studying not only how it was cultivated, dried and fermented but more importantly about how best to blend tobaccos into delightful cigars. Following Zino’s footprints, Master Blenders are on the same mission: to craft blends that will help aficionados to discover the wider world of tobaccos and experience cigars with exciting and surprising tastes.

“It is time to leave your island and experience the world of cigars around you! Our mission is to open aficionados’ world and palates to offer them new and exhilarating experiences through masterfully crafted blends. If they say you should see the world, we at say you should taste it first. We truly believe that it is not where a cigar comes from, but where it takes you and how it fills your time beautifully,” says Charles Awad, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger AG.


From exploring the volcanic soil of Nicaragua and its spicy Estelí tobaccos, to sampling the intriguing mixtures of Brazilian Escurio with its spicy sweet Mata Fina and Cubra tobaccos to taming the intensity of Yamasá’s earthy spicy leaves ‒ no one but harvests the treasures of these regions and can blend them with such craft and sophistication into a range of exciting cigars.

Just as a Michelin-starred chef combines a variety of the best ingredients and spices to create extraordinary recipes and delightful gourmet experiences, the Master Blenders have access to tobaccos from various regions of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and many others. Each one of these tobaccos and their unique varieties have flavour characteristics that will help craft unique taste experiences. From the Dominican Piloto to the spicy Nicaragua Estelí or the Brazilian sweet Mata Fina tobaccos, to the earthy Yamasá tobaccos ‒ a Master Blender can age these tobaccos to perfection and craft a variety of unique blends like no other.


In addition to exciting offerings like Nicaragua, Brazilian Escurio and Yamasá, Master Blenders have crafted the first Limited Edition, a unique opportunity to explore these three very diverse blends braided together in the unconventional format:

The bitter sweetness of Nicaragua, the intrigue of the spicy and sweet twists and turns of Brazilian Escurio and the discovery of the bold intensity of Yamasá.

  • Diameter: 1.3 cm; RG 33
  • Length: 16.5 cm; 6 1/2”
  • Format:

Launch and Availability

The Limited Edition is limited to 400 boxes (9600 cigars) worldwide, available exclusively at Flagship stores. The Culebras cigars (one braid with three cigars) come in small black matte lacquered wooden cabinet boxes or alternatively in a larger box format with eight Culebras.
The cigars are already available in the US. Outside the US, the product will be launched worldwide starting in May 2017.


To continue the pioneering spirit and to bring cigar aficionados the most exciting experiences from all over the world, adds intriguing and unexpected cigars to the lines of Nicaragua, Nicaragua Box Pressed, Escurio and Yamasá.

The format was popular for nearly a decade, regardless of industry trends. Following its fame, cigars created this 60×6 format across the entire discovery range. 6×60 is all about more flavour stimulation and more complexity in a longer taste experience. Its bigger gauge allows for a longer journey into the Discovery world.

Launch and Availability

The 60×6 come in black matte lacquered wooden boxes of 12 cigars. The cigars are already available in the US. Outside the US, the product will be launched globally starting in autumn 2017.


To rouse aficionados’ taste buds like never before, the Yamasá series combines spicy and sweet tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with an earthy wrapper and binder from the Yamasá region.

The cigar begins with an immediately noticeable, spicy and earthy Nicaraguan taste. Beautiful nutty flavours, melded with spice, coffee, cedar wood, earth and black pepper notes further delight the aficionado’s palate.

  • Wrapper: Yamasá
  • Binder: “San Vicente Mejorado” from Yamasá
  • Filler: “Condega Visus” and “Estelí Visus” tobaccos from Nicaragua “Piloto Visus” and two different “Olor Visus” tobaccos from Dominican Republic
  • Aroma: Earthy, spicy and sweet
  • Ratings: Yamasá Piramides, voted # 2 of Cigar Journal’s top 25 cigars in 2016


In the pioneering spirit of Zino , Master Blenders sought out a new blend that would stimulate both bitter and sweet taste buds. They finally found it in Nicaragua, where the earth is infused by the fiery activity of volcanoes.

Nicaragua, a 100% puro, begins with white pepper notes, joined by typical Nicaraguan stimulation at the back of the palate. Aficionados will note the presence of spicy aromas with wooden and earthy flavours. The cigar progresses to a milder taste sensation alongside the appearance of an enjoyable sweetness. The aroma becomes smoother and flavours of roasted coffee beans and dark, bitter chocolate delight the senses.

  • Wrapper: “Habano Seed Nicaragua Rosado” from Nicaragua
  • Binder: “Habano Jalapa” from Nicaragua
  • Filler: “Estelí Seco”, “Jalapa Visus” and “Condega Seco” from Nicaragua
  • Aroma: Bitter and sweet
  • Ratings: Nicaragua Toro, voted #3 cigar in the world 2013 by Cigar Aficionado Nicaragua Robusto, voted “Cigar of the Year 2013” by Cigar Journal


This 100% puro cigar is a more intense sweet and bitter stimulation: the flavours of current Nicaragua cigars are developed even further; strength and spiciness are increased due to the box-pressed format. It’s a more extreme Nicaragua adventure, but just as refined and pleasant, bringing uncharted territories of taste and stirring the senses of those who discover them. The spice has been boosted with a fiery Estelí Ligero leaf that complements aged Jalapa, Ometepe and Condega tobaccos for a complex bittersweet palate stimulation. A richer, sharper Habano Nicaragua Oscuro wrapper then rolls the experience into a dynamic box-pressed format to liberate enhanced flavours and aromas: from the first draw, the cigar reveals its potential with wild pepper notes, roasted almonds and a deep spicy character.

The modification in grade from Estelí Visus to Ligero and the newly added seed from Estelí gives the cigar additional spice, strength and increased stimulation in the bitter area. To complement this, the Condega leaves add sweetness to the bittersweet palate stimulation. And to complete the multi-layered sensation, the Habano Nicaragua Oscuro wrapper intensifies the flavours and aromas.

  • Wrapper: “Habano Seed Oscuro” from Nicaragua
  • Binder: “Habano Jalapa” from Nicaragua
  • Filler: “Estelí Ligero”, “Jalapa Visus” and “Condega Seco” from Nicaragua
  • Aroma: Bitter and sweet
  • Ratings: Nicaragua Box Pressed Toro, rated 97 out of 100 points by Cigar Journal, their 2nd highest rating ever


Rhythm. Intrigue. Originality. Like an adventurous night in the vibrant city of Rio, Escurio takes the aficionado on a complex taste journey with unexpected twists and turns. This Brazilian-inspired cigar promises intense, spicy sweet palate stimulation.

Escurio intrigues when spice meets sweet as chilli pepper plays with softer, creamy notes. This is complemented by flavours of oak, liquorice and leather. Lastly, coffee aromas arrive, culminating in a finale of charming complexity.

  • Wrapper: “Ecuadorian Habano Seed” from Ecuador
  • Binder: “Brazilian Cubra” from Brazil
  • Filler: “Mata Fina Visus” and “Cubra Visus” from Brazil;
  • “San Vicente Mejorado Seco”, “Piloto Seco” and “Olor/Piloto Seco” from Dom. Rep.
  • Aroma: Spicy and sweet
  • Ratings: Escurio Corona Gorda, voted # 11 of Cigar Journal’s top 25 cigars in 2016, Escurio Robusto, voted best cigar in blind tasting 03/2015 by Cigar Journal