Cigars celebrates the Chinese Year of the Horse with an exclusive 2014 : the perfect gift for aficionados and Chinese travelers around the globe.

Press Release –  Basel, June 2013

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse around the globe, Davidoff Cigars has especially crafted a new . This Edition is also an opportunity to pay tribute to ’s founder “Zino ”, who was born under this zodiac sign and boasted its key traits: quick-witted, dynamic, sophisticated and extroverted.

The Horse, the seventh of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, is described as dynamic, energetic and extroverted. In mythology, the Horse is a symbol of strength, endurance and luck. Those born under this sign tend to be sophisticated, intelligent and humorous, with a sunny disposition and a passion for travel.

These unique characteristics of the Horse sign inspired the masterblenders to craft an exceptional cigar. They developed a full-bodied, highly aromatic Gran Toro cigar with a large ring gauge of 60 – a first for Cigars. Rich filler tobaccos such as Olor Seco, San Vicente Ligero and Piloto Viso and Hybrid Seco produce a complex and delicately balanced aroma. The taste nuances are reminiscent of roast coffee and cedarwood, harmoniously combined with earthy, peppery and sweet notes. These tobaccos are then wrapped in a gorgeous Yamasá wrapper which has been dried and fermented longer than usual, giving the cigar its darker colour, oily appearance and more intense aromas.

Cigar News: Davidoff Cigars Exclusive 2014 Limited Edition Year of the Horse

Exclusive 2014 Year of the Horse

The experience first offers medium strong peppery-sweet notes. During the second third, the cigar reveals its complexity. The peppery aromas still dominate, but the sweet, creamy notes become more intense. A light, pleasant and slightly bitter nuance can be detected. During the final third, the complex cigar unfolds completely. The cigar then takes on a charismatic personality made possible by the unique Yamasá wrapper.

The avant-garde exterior of the cigar box is inspired by traditional Chinese architecture. The exquisite, minimalist design of the red piano lacquered effect combined with a delicate black felt packaging ensures that the box will become a much loved collectible.

This luxurious edition is limited to 5’000 boxes, and is available from selected retailers and flagship stores from December 2013 in the US, and January worldwide.

The “Year Of The Horse” 2014: the perfect gift to celebrate special occasions and enjoy “Time Beautifully Filled”.

Format Gran Toro
Length/Diameter (6 inches; 60 RG) (15.2 cm; 2.4 RG)
Wrapper Yamasá
Binder San Vicente
Filler Olor Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Viso, Hybrid Seco.


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Cigar News: Cigars Exclusive 2014 Year of the Horse