Cigar News: Espinosa Adds Corona Vitolas

Cigar News: Espinosa Adds Corona Vitolas Espinosa Premium Cigars announced today the addition of corona vitolas to three of their lines: Habano, Crema, and Laranja Reserva.

“We kept hearing from our consumers up in the northeast and our cigar connoisseurs, when are you going to release some corona sizes? Some wanted a quick smoke because the weather can be tough up there and then the others wanted that corona experience. We never want to let down any of our fans and customers, so we added that vitola to the rotation, have at them…” says Erik Espinosa, owner Espinosa Cigars.

All three of the new sizes come in boxes of 20 and measure 5 x 42. All are rolled at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Espinosa Habano: MSRP $130 a box, $6.50 a stick
Espinosa Crema: MSRP $159 a box, $7.95 a stick
Laranja Reserva Corona: MSRP $179 a box, $8.95 a stick

Hector Alfonso, Master Blender Espinosa Cigars, added “These coronas are perfect; they are smoking incredibly and are a fantastic take on each of these blends.”