Cigar News: Foundation Releases Animated Series ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Upsetters’ Cigars and The Art team in Nicaragua announced today a new web-based animated series ‘The Good, The Bad, and .’ The series will showcases one of ’s first brands, . Three shorts have been released today, and more will follow monthly.

The story follows our main character, The Upsetter, being pursued by the powers that be as they try to prevent him from growing his tobacco and selling Cigars. The shady, gun-slinging antagonist embodies the FDA and other groups that seek to persecute cigar manufacturers and retailers.

‘The Good, The Bad, and ’ pays respect to the legacy of old spaghetti westerns and the 1972 film, “The Harder They Come.” This Jamaican cult is famous for its reggae soundtrack and bringing Jamaican culture to international audiences. ‘’ series seeks to share the cigar brand’s own Jamaican heritage that makes it one-of-a-kind. Fans of reggae will also notice subtle nods to some of the genre’s most influential artists.

You can find the videos here:

Prelude – The Good, The Bad, and

Part 1 – The Good, The Bad, &

Part 2 – The Good, The Bad, &