Cigar News: Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2015

Cigar News: Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2015

Cigar News: Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2015 Mombacho Cigars S.A. announced today, the shipment of their annual Cosecha release, with this year’s being named the Mombacho Cosecha 2015. This years blend contains only tobacco from the year 2015 as the name suggests. The word cosecha translates to harvest. The blend is a Nicaraguan puro and will be available to buy July 1st.

Cigar News: Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2015 “True vintage is almost impossible to find in the Cigar industry and we have created a Cigar that showcases the best Nicaraguan tobaccos with Cosecha. Cosecha 2012, Cosecha 2013 and Cosecha 2014 surprised the aficionados. Cosecha is a project that has been in my heart since the day I started working with Mombacho and I am thrilled to share it with all of you now” said Claudio Sgroi, President and Master Blender of Mombacho Cigars.

Cigar News: Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2015 “True vintage” in this case means that the cigars were rolled back in 2016 with tobacco harvested in 2015, then have been aging whole for these 4 years. The Mombacho Cosecha 2015 is the fourth release in the Cosecha line, making this the fourth year in a row.

“When accessing the potential for any new Cosecha Vintage, I first determine the conditions, yields and specific qualities of that years Tobacco crop in Nicaragua. In 2015, I discovered an excellent and Cosecha worthy crop, albeit with a stronger tobacco than recent years, so I identified and worked with these characteristic allowing for the strongest Cosecha Vintage in history. The primary challenge was blending a stronger, yet beautifully balanced Cosecha Cigar. This required an adjustment in Jalapa tobaccos to help smooth and offset the power, yet still providing a very pleasant full-bodied blend without sacrificing the complexity of its flavors,” Sgroi added.

The cigar is the same vitola as previous years, being a toro measuring 6 x 52 with a pigtail cap. It comes in boxes of 10 and each cigar sells for $29.95. Only 430 boxes were made of this version and will be available only from a few select Retailers and at with worldwide shipping.