Cigar News: Southern Draw Announces Jacobs Ladder, Updated Packaging, and Price Increases Cigars announces Nationwide Release of – Double Ligero

July 12, 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada – IPCPR 2017 brings with it the National Release of our – Double Ligero, a powerful blend that was previously announced August 5, 2016 is now headed to our valued retailer partners.

The blend that will further balance the current Cigars core lines including the (med/full) Kudzu – Oscuro, (med+) Firethorn – Rosado and the recent hit (mild/med) Rose of Sharon – Connecticut blends.  A very rich and complex cigar with a full body – full flavor profile.

  • Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Lancaster, USA
  • Binder: Maduro, Ecuadorian
  • Filler:
  • Viso: Nicaraguan (confidential)
  • Seco: Nicaraguan (confidential)
  • Ligero: Nicaraguan Esteli, Jalapa

What’s in the name?

is of course staying with the theme for all Cigars core blends, a hardy flowering plant with robust blue and purple flowers that has been used in many ancient medicines, however the Company selected the colloquial name for the connection between heaven and earth that Jacob, son of Isaac, dreamed about in the book of Genesis 28:10 whereas he “…had a dream, and behold a ladder was set upon the earth…”.  A dream with angels ascending and descending upon the earth and a powerful story of how the Lord may indeed lead us to a place of desolation to preserve our holiness, we may need to come away from everything that pulls us away from the Lord and take a time of rest or prayer which is the case with how Cigars has come about.   is also a symbolic reference to Ethan “Jacob” Holt, son of two of the Cigars founders, a strong, yet well balanced young man who continues to contribute by offering sales and valuable technical support for the brand he will hopefully someday, as in the case of Jacob in the Bible, inherit and be a steward of in the years ahead.

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“The nationwide release will be sold on a first come, first served basis at IPCPR 2017 we can add current Cigars retail partners to the list if they are interested in the blend as a second production is scheduled for release in September 2017.  For those retailers who desire something special to commemorate this release, we have also produced 1,000 elegant hand-made petacas 0r cigar cases, containing (2) Toro 6×52 from the initial 2,000 cigars produced at AJ Fernandez Cigar Co., in Esteli, Nicaragua.  We have intentionally leaked only a few pictures and posts about the cigar and packaging as a teaser leading up to our annual convention.  You must visit us to enjoy and purchase this new release as we try to do our part to enhance the organization’s annual convention and the fight we are all actively involved in to protect our rights.”, stated Robert Holt, Founder and Chief Evangelist of the Company.

Available sizes:

  • Robusto – 5.5×54 $9.50 20 count
  • Toro – 6×52 $9.99 20 count
  • Gordo – 6.5×60 $10.99 20 count
  • Toro – Petaca Case $25.99

Cigars announces updated band art and package design

July 5, 2017 – Austin, Texas – The Company is very pleased to announce that all Cigars will enjoy an upgraded package design that will be on display at IPCPR 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada next week.

Working together with the Perez Benavidez Box Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the enhanced box designs provide for sturdier construction and the selected color schemes with complimentary clichés should make each unique blend easily identifiable and visually appealing when merchandised by our valued retail partners. The box design and dimensions for 20, 25 and 50 count boxes have not been altered and the Company will begin to phase out the limited boxes currently in inventory.

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The Company has exclusively engaged Cigar Rings of Esteli, Nicaragua with support by Sancho Oset and Starky Arias to update the color schemes for each of its cigar rings, secondary bands and the clichés that adorn each box of our cigars.

“It is important to note that each cigar, box, bundle and sampler of Cigars will be distributed with cellophane wrappers, UPC stickers (also designed and supplied by Cigar Rings) and enclosed with the appropriate Boveda 2-way humidity control in an effort to provide some of the best quality and most convenient packaging options available in the premium cigar market.” said Robert Holt, Founder of Cigars.

Cigars announces price increases for premium lines

July 7, 2017 – Austin, Texas Cigars., has announced a price increase on their premium Kudzu, Firethorn and Rose of Sharon line-ups and established the pricing for the nationwide release of cigars.

Company Founder Robert Holt states, “This is the first price increase by Cigars since the FDA Deeming Regulations were announced in May 2016, and hopefully it will be the last associated with these unfortunate realities of added costs. An average of 5%, is modest, especially in the face of today’s accelerating costs due to user fees, legal fees, increased demand on human resources and general inflationary pressures associated with the production, packaging and distribution of these premium blends.”

Cigars, QuickDraw line will not be effected by this initial price change as the Company wishes to maintain the value priced cigars for those loyal consumers that enjoy the $5.00 – $6.00 price point and a nationwide release for the previously announced QuickDraw Corona Corda 5 x 46 is slated for fall 2017 with an MSRP of less than $6.00.

The price increases are in effect as of July 12, 2017 and will not affect backorders, pre-orders or previously agreed upon specials of its current inventory.