Cigar News: Southern Draw Updates Packaging is celebrating 5 years in the business. The company says that because of its growth, it has noticed many used cigar boxes at its warehouse, retail stores, and customers. With this in mind, it has opted for a more eco-friendly box design moving forward. There was also a potential patent dispute, so the company has chosen to change design.

The new boxes will keep their previous colorful split top box with vertical presentation design. They describe the new packaging as a “shoe box” design.

“The remarkable simplicity of our new “shoe box” design and its gentle aesthetics will fit well on display shelves, in humidors and will serve as a basis of endless creative upcycle projects as boxes have been emptied. The company’s focus remains on the consistency and sustainability of its cigar brands and blends and not necessarily on the art of cigar packaging. The new “shoe box” design is hand made using recycled hard wood (ideally reducing delays in shipping due to the limited supply of Cedar and Mahogany wood) in Esteli, Nicaragua and they will be on display during IPCPR 2019. Shipping will commence in July 2019,” shared – Founder. “It is very import to note that the potential patent dispute identified by one of the premium cigar industries most influential brands was handled with professionalism including a gracious transition period extended to . The result was an opportunity to mitigate the potential expenses associated with a package recall and rapid redesign,” added Holt.

The updated design keeps about the same dimensions and color palates of the previous designs for all 20, 25 and 50 count boxes and will include a simple integrated shelf talker for each blend. Pricing for a box of cigars has not changed. The new design will be shown off at IPCPR.