Cigar News: United Cigars Makes 25th Anniversary Humidor for Cigarz on the Ave in Winter Park, FL has been in business for 25 years. To celebrate this milestone, they have enlisted the help of and , the man behind Habanos S.A. packaging designs.

proprietor Don Patel, and his good friend and store manager Sean Armstrong (Doc), had been debating which United Cigar was the best between and . Eventually they settled on both and are offering two versions of the humidor.

Cigar News: United Cigars Makes 25th Anniversary Humidor for Cigarz on the AvePatel shared, “We fell in love with these cigars the day we tried them. Alfonso’s work and passion in the cigar industry made our decision for us. We wanted luxury; and are luxury.”

“These personal humidors are sleek and elegant. We were humbled to be a part of this celebration,” said Oliver Nivaud of . Limited to a total of 250 numbered 10 count humidors (125 and 125 ), the two toro sized cigars will have additional aging to them. Styled in a glossy white finish, the numbered humidors (001-125) will feature 10 Extra Aged Atabeys with a custom second band celebrating ’s 25th Anniversary. Also numbered 001-125, the Cobalt Blue humidors will secure 10 unique cigars from the 21st Century line that have been aged post-roll for more than 6 years and feature a beautiful sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper.
With the expected launch of the humidors to by October 22nd, pre-orders have already begun. “My clientele demands quality”, Patel said, “and once I mentioned we had a tailor-made humidor coming in from , they ordered them before even seeing them.”

125 numbered humidors of each the and versions will be made. Each has a numbered plaque with regulator and hygrometer.