German Engineered Cigars Announces AUTONOM - Cigar News

German Engineered Cigars Announces AUTONOM – Cigar News

has announced a new brand, AUTONOM. This brand is designated for limited, specialized cigar formats, as well as a modern cigar community and information channel.

AUTONOM is German for “autonomous”. The cigars in the AUTONOM line will be offshoots of existing blends such as , RAUMZEIT, and future blends yet to be announced. AUTONOM cigars will be limited editions of these blends, featuring specialized and unusual cigar formats and sizes, experimental cigars, and dedicated editions.

AUTONOM is meant as an experimental playground for the brand. With AUTONOM, the company will test the consumer reactions of new formats, play with the blends and offer new experiences for the fans of .

The first AUTONOM cigars will be
40 x 6.75“ Lancero, blend
60 x 4 Defused Torpedo, blend
40 x 7“ Lancero RAUMZEIT blend
50 x 4“ Petit Edmundo shaggy foot, RAUMZEIT Blend.

All of these new formats are limited to 1,000 cigars each and will be sold in the U.S. at an MSRP of $10 per cigar.

Dealers can order both AUTONOM cigars of the blend immediately. AUTONOM RAUMZEIT formats will be available soon.

The AUTONOM information channel will feature background information about cigars, raise questions and create awareness for latest scientific and societal developments. Following the founders' Weltanschauung (German for worldview, or philosophy of life), the channel will provide news and links about science and technology, and ample food for curiosity. The first issue was all about the future of the automobile; the second edition focussed on cryptocurrencies.

AUTONOM can be found on their website, via @CigarEngineers on Twitter, and by subscription email. The AUTONOM information channel illustrates their Weltanschauung. It was created to attract and connect like-minded cigar aficionados.